Depression during Pregnancy and after Childbirth. What to Do?

Giving advice is often useless, but from the point of view of psychology, simply unacceptable thing (psychologist must help each person find their own way, make individual conclusions from the current situation), but Canadian Health and Care Mall points out it is worth sometimes giving some advice to pregnant or very new mothers, faced with a depressive state.

Depression – This Is Normal!

Remember that depression within 3-4 months (this may be the last months of pregnancy, and then we will focus on prenatal depression, or the first months of life with baby, and it will be post-natal depression) is a normal stage in every woman’s life, giving birth to a child for the first time or not. Due to processes taking place in this period in mind after 3-4 months internal representation will be changed. In other words, you will rise to a new level, and it will bring a huge burst of energy. Sometimes simple realization that happens to us is considered normal and happens to everyone, already helps to survive in such difficult times.

pregnancy depression

Try to Find Positive!

And pre- and post-natal depression will never occur as severe as depression associated with losses (except, of course, is the birth of patient, a disabled child), because in this period there are always pleasure or positive feelings expectations associated with the already-born baby. We need to catch these joyful moments and rely emotionally on them.

For example, you covered antenatal depression, but you notice that you are distracted and even get great pleasure, for a long time choosing and buying little things for children, or maybe when sew and create something for your baby. Be sure to highlight to activities more time, do not listen to anyone’s advice about what to prepare in advance “dowry” – omen of misfortune, because that’s happen when you feel happy.

Or another example: one of the most common oddities of pregnant women is the desire to retire, often somewhere in nature or even in the park.

One pregnant women in my group, who was born and lived all his life in city, last month of pregnancy went in private sector, preserved in our city, and spent hours walking there and savoring stove smoke.

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It is necessary to treat such oddities with great respect and find time and opportunities to satisfy them and get pleasure from it. No one still can not accurately explain the origin of certain strange desires of pregnant women, but at all times they have tried to respect, and now maternity leave is the time when any woman one way or another can listen to yourself.

Irritation and Anger

Often depression is characterized by increased aggressiveness, ie you may be experiencing severe irritation and anger. Unfortunately, very often it is boring, and this anger is taken out on loved ones, even though they do not deserve such a relation. As a result, it may spoil relationship with people from whom you might receive support.

On a good note, every woman in such a situation is better to go to psychologist to understand the source of this condition. Perhaps it goes back to your childhood or even in utero, when your mom were pregnant by you.

Perhaps you are angry not at your husband, an older child or mother-in-law, but this depressive state is closely connected with your past. But since not everyone can receive qualified psychological assistance, you need to find another way out. And it exists.pregnancy

There are two universal ways of “relief” aggression: physical activity and screams.

Not without reason, shouted and broke a few dishes can help you feel comforted. But if we talk about more constructive options, it is, of course, good physical activity, whether it is special classes in the hall or swimming pool or just long walks, and songs singing aloud . That’s why karaoke and chants in stadiums are so popular that allow a person to throw out the accumulated negative energy. And you can go into the woods or on the river bank and just to shout with all his might, “Yahoo!” or something like that.

In a more advantageous position in this situation are women who work physically hard. City residents whose professional activity being part of intellectual activity and their life is organized so that exercise becomes minimal, mostly suffer from inability to throw out negative energy.

It turns out that first of all we purchase washing machine and dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and other equipment, and then further spend money on fitness.

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If you are lucky, and you live in your own home, then all unnecessary energy is easily spent, without fear that it will harm your baby, to work at home or in garden.

Positive Energy in Fight against Depression

In addition, during depression our psyche needs a lot of positive energy. It is about the power of love and love of life that support person during difficult periods and help her to finally reach a new level of personal development.

It raises the question from where to take that kind of energy. The question of resources is probably the most difficult. Not for nothing because of this energy lack, many people avoid collisions with complex, sometimes sorrowful experiences. That is why the most common problem in acute grief experience – a jam mentality in the period of denial, or search for a replacement of lost object.

Depressive period is the most energy-intensive, and if human mind is not a resource of positive energy, you can not survive it.

This energy search question is very different. In specific case, during experience of pre- or post-natal depression (process is very feminine) forces for its overcoming are put into a woman by her mother, as well as all women of her family.

It is great, if women in your family are strong enough. Under the power I mean – full acceptance of their femininity and maternal realization. This is when granddaughter gets from grandmother such words: “How nice that you were given birth for a girl! HAPPINESS to love a man and to be loved by him! HAPPINESS to bear children!”

It is unfortunate if motto in your family has another character. But there is no desperate situations, and in this case, you can look for the desired energy elsewhere. At all times, young women were attracted to unworldly grandmothers, gaining from the experience of communicating with them, warmth and love.

Take a good look at your surroundings certainly there is a woman, or even one, by means of whom you can learn a lot, and most importantly – get energy which you need the most. Well, if this is not an option? Then think about it properly to find out the answer…

Watch the video about treatment depression during pregnancy:

Be Attentive to yourself and your Feelings!

And the last thing I want to say in this article – If you’ve been paying attention, you realize that most of advice my data actually may be used during pregnancy than follow them in the first months of child’s life. When 24 hours a day next to you baby is, you need to constantly care of him, not really going to run for screaming to the shore of river, inhale stove smoke, or do fitness.

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That’s why I advise you not to avoid negative experiences during pregnancy. Nurturing your child, pay attention to whether you kept track, did not stay at the stage of denial, or replacement of search of lost object. To overcome these periods it is very useful to contact with other pregnant women: courses, special gymnastics, in antenatal clinic, on streets or on online forums.

And be sure to retire timely on maternity leave! Exactly your feeling loneliness will trigger those same feelings and emotions, which, although painful, but you need to get started timely to get used to a new role – a role of future mother.

Canadian Health Care Mall recommends you to get rid of negative emotions with the help of pleasant ones. You may replace negative emotions with something enjoyable, something able to raise your mood. Command our service – and find some antidepressants (if you are agreed to take them) and start for a new life.