Levitra effect lasts up to 6 hours. This drug has appeared recently, it helps to normalize erection in men. Now many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, but this drug can help to cope with such a problem.

Levitra brings a lot of positive effects. After receiving it a man can experience more orgasms, as soon as sexual activity appears, erection becomes stronger.

Studies have been conducted by Canadian Healthcare Mall, after which 80% of men have confirmed that the drug improved their erection and sexual life. This drug has medicinal properties as well as ability to positively affect any health problems.

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Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) pills are produced by pharmaceutical companies in India. Manufacturers have ensured that they produce medicines which organically combine latest achievements of pharmacology with centuries-old traditions of Indian herbal medicine. A generic version is not inferior to brand «originals» in safety, reliability and efficiency, and in some cases works even better.

levitra - first-line drugOrange pills of joy give men opportunity to get rid of many troubles in sexual life. This is also true for those who have tried treatment with other drugs for erectile dysfunction. Getting into man’s body vardenafil – active substance rapidly dissolves in blood. This ED drug becomes effective within 15 – 20 minutes. As for the question: «How long does Levitra last?», the answer is: «It can be active in the body for up to 10 hours». Reasonable quantities of food and alcohol do not influence the effect of the drug, digestibility of the drug is not disturbed. If the food is fatty, the effect may start a little later, but the drug will remain in the body longer.

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However, there are many different reports about how long Levitra action lasts. Some consumers say that its action time lasted d for up to 15 hours or even more. Canadian Pharmacy Mall experts want to remind that these figures are individual. The drug has a different effect on each body, so the length of its action may vary.

Reputation & Efficiency

This drug appeared on the pharmaceutical market relatively recently, but it has already earned stable positive reputation. Men noticed its strong effect on their sexual abilities. Generic Levitra is universal for treatment of low potency and helping those who hesitate to call himself impotent. Age of patients does not matter for Levitra. Reception of one pill is enough for most men to immediately feel a surge of strength and desire to have sex.

Taking vardenafil regularly, its dosage can be reduced by half, i. e. to take half a pill at a time. As a result, potency does not decrease but remains at the desired level. Many men emphasize naturalness of drug action, spontaneous erection, of course, is undesirable. You can not worry about this, its action begins only during sexual excitement. At the same time, the effect of the drug action does not disappear suddenly but gradually decreases.

It is necessary to mention that men confirm its environmental friendliness and lack of habituation.

How to Use the Drug?

The drug does not forbid using small amounts of alcohol. Before using Levitra it is necessary to consult a doctor. In terms of composition, generic Levitra is the same, it is also used to maintain an erection. Generic is an available means, no inferior to the functionality of the original. If there are still doubts, read customers reviews on our website and then make your choice. Vardenafil is identical to Viagra in effect but has no such restrictions in use. In absence of contraindications buying Vardenafil online is a right decision. Before buying, make sure you don’t have hypersensitivity to the agent. You must not combine the drug with nitrates and donators, or if you have retinal diseases, anemia, ulcers, liver diseases. Levitra is not intended for women as well as men after blood stroke or heart attack.

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What is Generic Version?

Generic Levitra is an absolute copy of original drug, made by the same formula. It is just made by another company, which has no relation to drug development. The cost of such an analog is much lower and means is available to a larger number of customers. It is very convenient to order generic drugs because they do not need a prescription for them. Placing an order on our website is completely confidential. The drug is indicated for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Safety and tolerability of the drug allow its use by healthy people to improve quality of sexual life, achieve a strong prolonged erection, get deep and vivid sensations. Contraindications can be absolute and relative. You can not receive the drug in presence of absolute, in situations that are dangerous to life.