AsthmaAsthma is a very widespread chronic disorder worldwide about which people do not know anything exactly. Today we are going to systematize the main data and identify the key facts about this disease in general taking into consideration the statistics from all over the world.

The number of asthma sufferers internationally is proved to be enormous almost 300 million people. The next figure horripilates because 250 million from sufferers die because of this deteriorating disorder. The scientists find the evidence that the number of patients will increase even for 100 million people for almost ten years and moreover mortality will go up till twenty percent.

It should be mentioned that asthma is a chronic disease which is characterized by suffocation, rattlings, and wheezing. The quantity of attacks is individual for people depending on many factors. This disorder is dangerous because during an attack the access to air is blocked and as a result, the oxygen is not able to enter the organism.

Asthma is a disease of the humanity in general irrespective of a country you live in. It is proved that mortality from this condition is higher in middle-income and low-income countries because the prices on inhalers and other medication are overstated considerably. To avoid such troubles you may order inhalers online.

The symptoms of asthma may be observed differently for example once a week, once a day or more often twice or even thrice a day. The attack may be caused by any physical exercise or during sleeping, especially towards morning‎. An attack also may be caused by some allergic agent. Such an agent should be identified and excluded from the ration because the risk of death is too high.

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How to treat asthma?

The most popular and effective preparations for asthma are bronchial spasmolytics, corticosteroids, and anti-inflammatory medicine. You may order all these medications via Canadian Health&Care Mall. If an asthmatic takes these drugs constantly and according to the doctor’s prescription, the level of mortality may be lowered down essentially.

This disease cannot be stereotyped. As telling an example we may take the fact that the appearance of asthma in boys is observed till fourteen but the situation with girls is contrary, asthma in girls may appear after fifteen. So that you cannot be prepared for this disease because it may reach you at any age. This condition may emerge in childhood or in advancing years.

Some scientists are prone to believe that asthma may be caused by incorrect methods of breathing. According to this hypothesis people practicing yoga claim that the pranayama methods may become a way of treatment. The today’s medical science doesn’t stand in one place that’s why you may find different ways of treatment and find the way out of overstated prices for inhalers and bronchodilators.