EczemaEczema is the allergic disease which is characterized by a relapsing course and the considerable skin cover damage area. The illness is an organism’s response to irritants and is based on the phenomenon known as spongiosis (an epidermis inflammation with the subsequent congestion of liquid in intercellular space of skin).

Clinical features of this disease depend on a form of allergic reaction. Nevertheless, there are also some general symptoms. First of all, it is necessary to refer skin redness and its puffiness to them. In the beginning the person has small knots being in a quick progress, grow in the bubbles filled with liquid or infected fluid and then burst with erosion formation and appearance of horny crust on a skin surface. Irrespective of where eczema is noted – legs, hands or head – it gives to the person uncomfortable feelings because the process of bubbles formation is rather unpleasant and is followed by a strong itch and burning.

A complex treatment is the best way to treat this disorder considering the individual person’s features. The choice of a concrete technique depends on the reason, type and intensity of the allergic reaction. In most cases eczema which symptoms are similar to dermatitis, disappears after allergen elimination therefore the main efforts of doctors have to be directed on search of an infection source. Simultaneously with infection identification it is necessary to remove itch, to normalize a condition of the central nervous system, to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes, to reduce the level of cerebral cortex excitability. Allergy in its different manifestations is rater wide-spread that’s why there are so many different drugs for this disorder treatment. Such drugs you may order via “Canadian Health&Care mall”. It is a pharmaceutical company carrying out its activity in the Internet.

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If a patient has a diagnosis – eczema, the treatment looks like an integrated approach and usage of the most different techniques, including endocrine and nervous violations elimination, source infection sanitation, an antiallergenic diet, sedating medications intake, use of tranquillizers, neuroleptics and antidepressants, antihistaminic injections. In case of heavy forms it is reasonable to use corticosteroid hormone, high efficiency is shown also by immunocorrective preparations. Do not remember the majority of drugs categories mentioned here you may find on the web site of “Canadian Health&Care mall”.

As it was mentioned above together with the treatment it is necessary to follow a strict diet. We mentioned above that at the diagnosis eczema, treatment demands observance of a strict diet. It is obligatory to plan the food schedule and product composition in such a way the organism continued to receive all substances necessary for it, but thus was relieved of presence of the components irritating the skin cover damaged areas. For this purpose it is necessary to avoid continuous neutralization of acid in stomach, to exclude a spicy food, chocolate, smoked products, a citrus, eggs and alcohol from food. In case eczema on hands, feet or a body was shown – milk, boiled vegetables, fruit, oil and other natural products are recommended to him.