Levitra is a trade name for vardenafil, a new means for male erectile dysfunction treatment, in the form of pills. Its action is similar to Viagra, but in many cases, the generic version is more effective.

How to use: Levitra is taken 20 – 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

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Levitra 20 mg

Unforgettable pleasure during sex is possible with the help of medications for excitation. They help to increase the number of produced hormones that help to unleash. All such means are released in the form of drops, creams, pills. They include no harmful additives and synthetic components, but only natural aphrodisiacs mainly of plant origin. Also during the production process of these preparations, all useful and therapeutic properties remain without any changes.

In today’s world high-performance means to restore male potency is considered Levitra. The main component of the drug is vardenafil. This medication causes an increase of nitric oxide in the penis, which allows erection in men to appear. Numerous experiments have shown that it begins to work within half an hour after the pill has been taken. But it’s worth noting that the drug begins to fully act in one hour.

How long does Levitra last? Such pills help to reach erection during the next six, and in some cases up to eight hours. This drug is released in pills. Most commonly used Levitra contains 20 mg of vardenafil. This dosage, according to Canadian Health&Care Mall experts, is the most effective. Do not forget that dosage should be assigned by a specialist, after conducting a full survey.LevitraConsumers’ reviews underline a large number of advantages and benefits. The first of them is instant action. Most often erection occurs within forty minutes. The second is a long-term effect.

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But the most important advantage is the absence of any restrictions on food and beverages. That is, when taking this EВ medication, you do not have to keep to some diet, give up fatty food, that is you can take it with food or on an empty stomach. It is also possible to take the drug after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Only in a few cases, Levitra has not brought the desired effect. This drug can be applied by men suffering from diabetes and other diseases that may affect erection.

In vitro experiments were conducted, in which men with erectile dysfunction participated. According to data provided by the end of the experiment, men were more likely to restore erection than men who took other drugs of similar action. Also, it should be noted that after using this drug men restored natural erection. Statistics showed that in ninety percent of men Levitra caused a full erection, which did not lose their properties during the whole sexual intercourse. Effect of the drug has been proven in the treatment of impotence and erectile function problems.

How does the action of the drug appear? After receiving the drug, blood flow to the penis during excitement increases, after which erection persists throughout sexual intercourse. After sexual intercourse erection disappears. It is important to remember that erection will appear only in presence of sexual stimulation and won’t appear in case of excitation only.

The drug has no contraindications for men with diseases associated with heart or blood vessels. But before applying be sure to consult your doctor. In the study, it was not established that Levitra reduces the ability to physically move heavy things or about high exertion during sexual intercourse in people with ischemic heart disease. If loads that occur during sexual intercourse are contraindicated to a man, such pills are better not to use.

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Before starting an application, Canadian HealthCare Mall recommends consulting a doctor. The drug helps to maintain an erection until completion of sexual intercourse. If, after some time there will be sexual stimulation, the erection will appear again. The drug should be used strictly according to doctor’s instructions. During the reception, you need to periodically visit a doctor who will either reduce or increase vardenafil dosage. Most often for the first reception dosage of ten milligrams is prescribed, and then gradually dosage is increased to twenty, if necessary. Independently, in any case, do not increase the dosage, leave this to the doctor.

After full examination at the clinic, it is necessary to clarify whether it is allowed to start to use Levitra. This drug has some contraindications:

  • age less than sixteen years;
  • allergic reactions or intolerance to main component – vardenafil;
  • using inhibitors;
  • using nitrates.

Also, it is necessary to be cautious at:

  • penis deformities;
  • liver or kidney diseases;
  • cardiac angina and other heart diseases;
  • acute ulcer;
  • heart attack or blood stroke less than half a year ago;
  • diseases of retina.

For patients with the above diseases, the doctor decides on further use.

Use of Levitra

Pills are taken orally, drinking plenty of water, regardless of meals. For the first reception is best to take the dosage of 10 mg. The drug after forty minutes will allow enjoying sexual intercourse. But even after five-hour break strong erection can appear with the help of stimulation. The drug should not be taken more than once a day. For elderly patients, a dosage is not changed.

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In some cases, there are side effects:

  • drowsiness or insomnia;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • anxiety;
  • fainting;
  • sudden fever and perspiration.