Some men, whose sex life is disordered, often ask: is there a generic for Stendra and whether to buy the generic drug or give preference to the original drug? Many people who have already tried this preparation will answer that generics are of course better, but still, to answer this question it is necessary to understand the effect of generics and their impact on patient’s body.

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Generics in the world of pharmacology is a separate group of drugs produced in strict compliance with manufacturing technology of the original drug. Pharmacists proved their bioequivalence and perfect interchangeability with original, patent protection for which has expired. The main purpose of generic drugs – replacement of expensive preparations with more available, possibility of treatment for all segments of the population.

Canadian Stendra genericsPatented drugs and generic drugs do not differ in effectiveness. This is evidenced by the fact that many pharmaceutical companies produce generic drugs under international, non-patented names for more reasonable prices. This is done to meet consumers demand of patients. The active substance in original drug and non-patented copies is the same. The only difference lies in cost and outer packaging.

Lower cost of generic drugs is explained by a combination of factors:

  • no advertising costs;
  • no costs for drug development – ready formula is used;
  • no need for tests and trials;
  • no need to patent the agent.

In addition, high level of competition on the market of generic manufacturers does not allow prices to grow.

Warning: before you change original drug to generic carefully read instructions and composition! Inactive ingredients of generic may differ from branded medicines.

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How to Take Stendra?

Erectile dysfunction is a tragedy for mature men, capable to lower quality of life very much. A weakening of potency may be of psychological or physiological nature. The drug to increase libido returns ability to fully perform sexual intercourse, the necessity to use medical means appears in a variety of situations:

  • fear of failure;
  • strong emotion, which reduces excitation degree;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • a desire to experience new sensations;
  • rapid ejaculation and so on.

Regardless of reasons why a man buys generic Stendra online, the result is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Cialis, known to everyone Viagra and Levitra was the market leader in terms of potency problems treatment for a long time. The disadvantage of conventional drugs is a long waiting period between taking pills and onset of sexual intercourse – 60 minutes and longer.

A generic name for Stendra is Avanafil. An indications for this remedy is a weak erection, because the effect of the drug occurs in a quarter of an hour and lasts for 4,5 – 6 hours. Now men do not need to look at the watch, hoping for therapeutic effect, erection comes quickly and is persistent.

Another benefit of generic Stendra is its compatibility with moderate doses of alcohol, a man even can eat favorite foods with high-fat content. Not all drugs for impotence allow this. A man can not worry about his body, even if he drinks a glass of wine before receiving the drug.

Generics, produced by the method already developed and not requiring additional costs for advertising and patents are available to many middle-class men. Stay «manly» at any age!

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Important: Carefully read instructions to generic.

Advantages of generic Stenda

Avanafil has passed many tests on young and elderly men, who have proven that the agent is effective, even if one pill is divided into several intakes. Customer reviews about generic Stendra clearly show the following pros of the drug.

generic Stendra avantages

  1. It perfectly fights with erectile dysfunction.
  2. To maintain effect there is no need to increase the dosage.
  3. It has few contraindications.
  4. It can be taken with alcohol and fatty foods, which is very convenient for parties and celebrations.
  5. Price for the drug is not high, which is the main advantage among competitive products.

If you are interested where you can buy generic Stendra online – Canadian Health&Care Mall is your choice! Here you can find generic drugs at affordable prices and make orders without any difficulties and problems!