The most precious thing for the majority of representatives of the strong half of humanity is their virility.

Strong sex boasts outstanding, inflexible parameters of his “dignity”, talent to have sex many times for a single night, enchanting all new friends. And so the prospect of potency loss scares almost more than death – loss of strength and pride, a kind of funeral bell.

Frightened by the first failure in bed, men suffer in silence, or they go to the winds, plague relatives or swallow quack drugs. Pride does not allow them to see a doctor – but in vain. In many cases, erectile dysfunction (medical name – impotence) is curable, in some cases, it is signals of fairly serious diseases that are better to be diagnosed in time. What deprives the stronger sex of male power?

Primary and Secondary Weakness

male sexual weaknessNot all men are born like Don Juan and Casanova. Some people have first to realize excitement in 9-10 years, begin sex life in 13-15 years old, at the peak of sexual ability by 5-8 or more acts per night and seduce women till old age, and even to death – it is a strong sexual constitution, they are not at risk for impotence appearance.

Men with an average sexual constitution experience excitement in 11-12 years old and are starting to have sex at 16 and later more than 3-4 sexual acts per night even in his youth and they lose erectile function after 60 years.

Men with weak sexual constitution begin to dream about girls from 13-14 years old, more than 2-3 are not able to act even in the period of youthful hypersexuality, erectile function begins to weaken after 50.

Men with delayed sexual development are characterized by a weak growth of body hair on face, groin and armpits, they begin to dream about having sex from 15-16 years, but either do not realize dream at all or make rare solitary sexual acts, losing erectile function after 40 years.

In some hormonal and genetic diseases, erection and ejaculation are impossible, in other severely hampered.

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Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed if a man fails in 3 out of 4 sexual intercourses. Prior to that, we are talking about transient erectile dysfunction. The most important diagnostic feature to be set is dysfunction nature. Is it complete (no erection at all) or partial (erection occurs, but disappears before ejaculation). Is erection during sexual intercourse with a particular woman, whether kept at acts with women in general, with fantasies, masturbation, at night or early in the morning? The total lack of erection usually indicates a physiological or age-related disorder, the safety of morning erection and successful sexual intercourses of masturbation and problem is primarily psychological. But in any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Health Concerns

There are three main reasons for erectile dysfunction:

  • essential lack of male hormone testosterone;
  • violation of nerve conduction in penis and perineum;
  • poor circulation in genital organs.

The reason for this may be age-related changes in the body, brain tumors, prostate and testicular hormone-producing tumor, trauma and operations’ effects on spine and genitals.

Partial erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors:

  1. Chronic diseases: diabetes, especially running with an incorrect dosage of insulin, atherosclerosis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases;
  2. Cramps of pelvic vessels of penile cavernous tissue injuries, fractures and nerve disorders terrain in penis, prostate, Peyronie’s disease;
  3. Testicles disorders (testicular hydrocele or cyst, radiation exposure, severe poisoning);
  4. Chronic poisoning by nicotine, alcohol, drugs, stimulants and steroids abuse;
  5. Effects of taking certain medications – anticonvulsants, anxiolytics, hypnotics, drugs for hypertension and angina pectoris, some anticancer drugs;
  6. Severe exhaustion, due to lack of supply or serious diseases, obesity of the third stage;
  7. Injuries due to unsuccessful piercings or tattoos, stearin introduction and other extraneous things in the penis;
  8. Sedentary work, excessive exercise, tight-fitting clothes wearing, especially in hot season.

Additionally, inflammatory diseases can prevent sexual intercourse with an intact erection (acute and chronic balanoposthitis, chancres and ulcers) and priapism (painful prolonged erection).

Mental Weakness

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction occurs much more frequently than medical. The most common cause of psychological impotence … fear itself! The man is so afraid of being insolvent, that brain is not able to switch to more positive attitude.

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The second place is occupied by fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases caused by pregnancy or … marry your partner. These fears often enough to discourage any desire.

In third place – contraception means. The need to put on a condom “come into contact” with contraceptive gels and pastes, to abstain from ejaculation may impair erection, especially if pregnancy is not allowed.

An essential part of erectile dysfunction is provoked by breach of attraction – fetishism, voyeurism, homosexuality, bestiality, etc. If a man is excited only in the form of red shoes or a muscular African-American naked female body is not interested in it. Excessive pornography, especially movies and photos also can cause impotence.

Problems at work and in your personal life, accumulated fatigue, neuroses, phobias, are as well responsible for erectile dysfunction appearance, the position does not improve sex life. Conflict with his wife as well as fear harm her or latent aversion may also cause failures.

Long breaks in private life, especially in adulthood, do not contribute to the success of its renewal – it is required time to “mechanism” renewal.

And finally, dysfunction can cause improper, tactless or unattractive partner, especially if it was limited acquaintance with a pair of glasses in the bar.

Treatment Methods

ViagraErectile dysfunction is curable nowadays so many ways, that they are fit to write a separate article. There are many drugs that cause erection – famous Viagra and its analogs, vasoactive (expanding vessels) medications that are inserted into the penis, naturally occurring stimulants (Ginseng, Pantocrinum). Even condoms are invented with nitroglycerin, contributing to erection improvement. Men older than 45 years may require supporting hormonal therapy. At the very least, you can always do prosthetic penis surgery – a special balloon is introduced into corpora cavernosa, and a special mechanism ensures stable erection when required. But to bring this up is not necessary.

Urologist consultation, delivery of analyzes on sexual infections, will allow you to check prostate condition – perhaps the case in acute inflammation or sluggish.

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If you have erectile dysfunction of psychogenic nature, it is better to consult a specialist, a psychologist for the joint search for finding solutions to the problem. This is especially important when there are psycho-traumas caused by divorces, violations of desire, craving for socially unacceptable forms of sexual behavior.

The general improvement of body, avoiding harmful habits and sedentary lifestyles, proper nutrition, full sound sleep, regular general health-restoring massage and exercise (swimming, tennis, etc.), improve erectile function just without drugs application. The diet should include crabs, shellfish and other seafood, celery, garlic, spices, fresh fruit and little animal fat – these products enhance testosterone production. Soy, peas, beans, cabbage, nuts, hard cheese and especially beer – all of these products contain phytoestrogens, analogs of female sex hormones directed to improve erectile function in a natural way.

And of course, when erectile dysfunction is particularly important regular sexual activity with a knowing and loving partner in a comfortable environment should be carried out to avoid stress. Even if sexual intercourse is not possible, affection, hugs, and alternative sexual techniques to satisfy your partner, gain confidence, stimulate the production of male hormones. Do not worry, and everything will turn out!