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According to new research studies, undergoing a surgery for penile prosthesis implantation will not be enough for the restoration of satisfactory sexual activity. A post-surgery counseling session can help bring significant improvement to a person’s sex life. Counseling is also useful when using Canadian Health&Care Mall medications.

The belief is based on the fact that while the surgery helps to restore the sexual activity of a patient suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is the mechanical nature of the device that can often turn out to be off-putting with its inherent lack of spontaneity. The result can be the loss of sexual identity. The counseling session can help to solve this problem by trying to alleviate the loss of identity.

It was Dr. Francesca Pisano and her team from the University of Turin in Italy who performed the research test.

  • A total of 30 penile prosthesis patients along with their partners were randomized.
  • Before the surgery, the sexual function and erectile dysfunction surveys could not identify any possible differences among the patients.
  • However, after a time period of one year, patients who underwent counseling was seen to make an improvement of 68.3 scores compared to the others who had a score of 53.4.
  • The group that underwent the treatment was also seen to make a remarkable improvement in the other two of the five domains of the index.
  • In the intercourse satisfaction domain, the mean score of the treatment group improves to a total of 13.5 from the mean score of 2.1, out of the 15 possible.
  • There was an improvement in the controls by 6.2 (from 2.5 to 8.7).
  • In the orgasmic function, the score of the treatment group improved by 5.1 (from 2.3 to 9.4), with the controls improving by 3.8 (from 2.8 to 6.6).

Sexual activity

Possible therapy suggestions that could be determined from the study

  • The research study helped doctors to identify some of the possible treatments that could be used to help put patients during the counseling therapy sessions.
  • Some of these findings suggest how counselors can help patients to get used to enjoying a natural sexual life with the help of prosthesis (which on the contrary, is unnatural).

However, the survey was not all positive. It had differences too.

Treatment Group

The baseline score of the treatment group under the Sexual Daydreaming Scale made an improvement of 52.8 out of the total 60, with the average score being 26.5.

Control Group

This, however, differed from the score point that was found out from the control group – from 27.1 to 45.8. Even their partners had a similar score report.

After two years from the date of surgery, these were the findings.

Treatment Group

  • The treatment group reported an average score of 52.2 out of 100 under the Erectile Dysfunction of Treatment Satisfaction Score.
  • In many cases, patients were reported to experience an improvement in their erectile function. No major differences could be detected between the two groups as such.

Penile prosthesis implantation

Controls Group

  • The control group, on the other hand, reported an average score of 44.6.
  • However, despite the significant improvement that was detected among patients after the treatment, many reported the significant differences. This held a positive report from at least 13 patients belonging to the Treatment group and 10 patients from the Control group.

How does the Counseling Session Work?

Each counseling session is carried out for a minimum 50 minutes, both before and after the surgery.

Before the Surgery

  • This is a step-by-step process. In the first session, the therapist will be paying all attention to the patient’s partner and how they share her perception of the intercourse.
  • The therapist will then try to draw out any differences that could be detected with that of the patient.

After the Surgery

  • The next counseling session starts after the patient undergoes the surgery.
  • The therapist will try to assess the impact created on a patient who underwent the prosthesis surgery.

This is then followed by the following types of sessions as needed –

  • Individual Sessions
  • Couple Sessions

The session holds a crucial place for partners. The partner plays an active role in affirming their identity and increasing the sexual desire of men. Even those using Canadian Health&Care Mall medicines will find it useful.

However, It is only a matter of future possibilities and is only limited to a single center. It will be necessary to gather larger findings that will be necessary to confirm the findings.