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Propecia (finasteride) is a medicinal means, a hormonal medical product that is also used to treat hair loss in men. It is produced in the form of pills and taken orally. Propecia from hair loss has established itself in the United States as number 1 means in the fight against anrogenic alopecia.

Canadian Propecia (finasteride) drug usually contains a detailed instruction for use. Initially, this medicine was developed by «Merck» company and was released on the market under the name Proscar. It was designed to treat enlarged prostate in men. During tests, its side effect was accidentally noticed – growth of hair on head of tested subjects. So back in 1997 by the US Food and Drug Administration finasteride was approved in amount of 1 mg for treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men. Generic Propecia (finasteride) reviews, on the US consumer market, were only positive. According to Canadian Pharmacy Mall research among male population, the drug ranks second among medicines for male population after Viagra.Male-pattern Alopecia

What is Propecia Effectiveness in Alopecia Treatment?

Generic Propecia (finasteride) drug for alopecia can work miracles. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main cause that adversely affects hair follicles in men, as in women who have overabundance of this androgen in the body, which is very rare compared to men. Sebaceous glands and prostate tissue are also exposed to DHT effect.

DHT Effect on Hair Loss

How does this actually happen? Inside cells testosterone hormone is converted into its aggiven form (DHT) by interaction with 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. So, it is influence of DHT on skin structure, hair follicles and sebaceous glands that leads to hair loss. Not testosterone causes your troubles, as it is commonly believed among common people, but its active form – DHT!

If a man has a gene that promotes hair loss in your body, he begins to grow bald, as hair follicles on his head are extremely sensitive to DHT.

Propecia Effect on DHT

This drug is able to interfere with activity of 5-alpha-reductase type 2 enzyme, which promotes conversion of testosterone into its active form dehydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus finasteride lowers level of DHT in scalp of patient and helps to keep hair on head intact.

Effective Means for Alopecia

Clinical trials of this drug, as far as we know, have been carried out during 5 years in 16 countries: USA, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France and others. Results of these clinical trials were published in international medical journal, in the so-called article by Kaufman K. D. which was called «Long-term (5 years) multinational experience with this drug 1 mg in treatment of androgenic alopecia in men».

And so, data of study showed that taking 1 mg of finasteride (aka Propecia):

  • is one of the most effective and safe means in the fight against male-pattern alopecia, regardless of nationality and race of all subjects;
  • Propecia also helps to reduce hair loss, improves by several times their condition and most importantly, stimulates growth of new hair. In 86% of subjects after systematic Propecia intake hair loss stopped, and in 65% of subjects new hair began to grow. Two years after beginning taking the drug, these figures were even more successful. So we can with certainty say that Propecia does work for most patients.

There were also side effects from generic Propecia. Decrease in libido was observed, but only in 3% of men. At the same time, side effects completely disappeared after stopping taking the medication.

How Soon and What Results to Expect from Taking Propecia in Dosage of 1 mg

As manufacturers say, from the first day of administration there is a significant reduction in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) level.

Approximately in 3 months hair loss slows down. They cease to fall out intensely. After half a year, you can notice an even greater reduction in hair loss and even growth of new hair.

After 12 months, majority of patients taking the drug observed improvement of healthy existing hair, plus new hair grows on the site of previously lost hair. Also one important point should be noticed, if after 12 months the drug has not given you any results, then it is unlikely to help you at all.Canadian Pharmacy Propecia is №1 means to fight with androgenic alopecia in men

According to statistical data of Canadian Health&Care Mall, the following results were revealed in men who took this drug for five years:

  • after 2 years of taking Propecia: 99% of men noted complete cessation of hair loss, among these patients, 66% of men observed growth of new hair;
  • after 5 years of taking Propecia:

    • 90% of men reported very positive results in condition of their hair: this is either complete cessation to their loss, or growth of new ones on the place of those fallen out;
    • two out of three men noted growth of new hair on their head;
    • majority of patients observed significant improvement in hair condition, which was confirmed directly by doctors;
    • most patients confirmed that their bald areas became much smaller in diameter or disappeared completely.

Thousands of man buy Viagra Professional online. The medication based on Sildenafil citrate really helps cope with erectile dysfunction. The effectiveness of the drug has already been tested and does not cause any doubts: men of the control group at the age of 20-65 with various sexual dysfunctions achieved the desired result in 95% of cases! Canadian Health and Care Mall has prepared 7 facts about Viagra Professional you surely did not know!

See Viagra Professional in a Whole New Light!

7 Things about Viagra Professional

  1. European doctors treating malignant tumors discovered one interesting fact during the research – it turns out, Viagra Professional has a coagulating property, similar to laser exposure. Coagulation is a process of drawdown with further destruction. That is, cancerous tumors significantly decrease in size under the influence of Sildenafil Citrate;
  2. Men engaged in professional sports use various stimulants from Canadian Pharmacy Mall – it is not a secret, although it is forbidden. Athletes take Viagra Professional to improve performance during a competition. One of the professional football players – Brandon Marshall – admits that many of his colleagues are taking such ED drugs, because they feel a surge of energy after taking the drug. Perhaps this occurs due to the improved blood circulation. But, in any case, the World Anti-Doping Agency has plans to include such erectile stimulants to the list of banned preparations;
  3. Professors argue about the effect of Sildenafil on the heart. It has been officially proven that generic Viagra Professional can not be used by men with cardiovascular diseases, since an increased burden on the heart can cause even a lethal outcome. But recent studies and Viagra Professional reviews confirm that Sildenafil not only does not harm, but also helps men who have heart problems. The bottom line is that the heart can not pump a large amount of blood in certain diseases. This results in shortness of breath and increased heart rate. But Viagra Professional can improve this ability. The only restriction for patients is the ban on sexual activity. But all these facts remain only unconfirmed research results so far;
  4. It’s amazing, but the medication can help not only men, but also women. Obviously, Sildenafil citrate, due to the inflow of blood to the pelvic organs, increases the ability of the mucous membrane of the uterus to attach the fetal egg. But this fact is confirmed only by Canadian Health&Care Mall statistics. there is no official permission to take generic Viagra Professional (Sildenafil) 100mg in planning pregnancy and infertility;
  5. Similar to Viagra preparations, tablets for men contain a component – nitric oxide. Due to this element, blood vessels expand, filling the cavernous bodies with the necessary amount of blood. This causes a strong erection. It turned out that the similar effect occurs in plants. Physiological processes and the movement of nutrients are intensified. Numerous forums contains the reviews of gardeners who say that they tried to water the flowers with a solution of Viagra. They noticed that flowering was much faster, and the flowers were more beautiful;
  6. The famous Austrian Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for the rehabilitation of premature babies, uses Viagra Professional as an alternative to inhalation with nitrogen oxide. The thing is that standard procedures often caused death of premature babies due to pulmonary hypertension (leads to right ventricular failure and premature death). After using the erectile stimulant, the result was amazing: none of the babies had a serious condition;
  7. Viagra Professional helps even fight terrorists! Muslims practise polygamy. Satisfying every woman is a problem even for Afghan leaders. Therefore, recruited Muslims work with the Central Intelligence Agency not only for money, but also for generic Viagra Professional! To buy the drug constantly is quite a costly business, especially in Muslim countries, where the demand for such drugs is quite large. One 60-year-old headman, who had four concubines in his arsenal, kindly agreed to cooperate with the CIA for 10 packs of Viagra Professional per year.

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