Influenza is an acute infectious disease of airways caused by influenza viruses. Influenza forms part of the acute respiratory viral infection group. First of all the influenza viruses were discovered in the thirties, the viruses enter the organism through the ciliated cell of upper airways namely nose, trachea and bronchi. In these cells the viruses are proliferating and as a result the cells die.

As a result cough, sneezing and nasal blockage appear as symptoms of upper respiratory airway excitation. Getting into the blood and causing viremia, the influenza virus directly has a toxicological effect manifesting in high temperature, fever, myalgia and headache. Moreover the virus increases the vascular permeability causing the development of stasis. The influenza symptoms are not specific ones to be differentiated from other acute respiratory viral infection.

The diagnose “influenza” may be established only after the medical examination and pass the haemanalysis. So if you begin coughing and sneezing, temperature becomes higher and higher, you should call the ambulance to receive the help of professionals. Not to catch the influenza viruses you may make preventive measures to control your physical condition. If you know the anti-inflammatory drugs which will help you to be protected, you may check out the web site of Canadian Health and Care Mall. The wide range of preparations will allow you to make a chose about the necessity, effectiveness and safety of preparations.

The problem is that influenza viruses are aerosol-transmitted that’s it is rather difficult to be in touch everytime, because you cannot go everywhere in the face mask. That’s why there is a flu epidemic in the duration of which people suffer from acute influenza especially in case with children. They are amenable to the viruses especially if children attend kinergarden. They exchange virus with each other and any preventive measures do not help you to buffer a child against the influenza viruses. Children are our treasure who are given to us to protect them, if you do not want to be involved in such troubles, you’d better to order drugs on the web site of Canadian Health and Care Mall and everything will be ok. The parcel will be delivered in time without any problems and arrests.