Today, we decided to explain the essence of adenoids in children, its features, and causes. Your child has mouth always half-open. He doesn’t close it during sleep, snuffles, snores, wakes up often and gets a headache in the morning. A well-experienced doctor can suspect your child is having adenoids.

Only children have a lymphoid tissue or the third tonsil. It develops approximately at the age of three to six months, after twenty years it starts decreasing gradually, by sixteen to twenty years becomes almost imperceptible, and at more advanced age is already absent completely.

Dangers of adenoids in children

adenoids at childrenWhat is role intended by nature to this tonsil? The third tonsil, entering a pharyngeal ring, creates an additional barrier to pathogenic agents, filtering the air inhaled through a nose and protecting thereby throat, bronchial tubes and lungs.

But it happens until its sizes remain normal. Under the influence of the frequent infectious diseases causing lymphoid tissue inflammatory reaction, the third tonsil can expand and close an entrance to the nasal cavity. After that, the child starts breathing through the mouth. The expanded tonsil not only stops being a barrier on the way of respiratory diseases causative agents but on the contrary, it provokes them as in its folds and furrows pathogenic microbes start accumulating. Such center of the smoldering infection every minute threatens with the fire, quinsy, tracheitis, bronchitis become the satellite diseases of adenoids. The child suffers from an earache, he is pursued by a persistent cold.

Long violation of nasal breath worsens organism ‘s supply with oxygen, and it affects not only health but even progress of the child: he becomes scattered, inattentive. Besides, expanding lymphoid tissue quite often corks also an acoustical pipe, because of it middle ear ventilation is broken and hearing decreases, there can be a purulent discharge from the ear.

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The facial skeleton develops incorrectly in a child who constantly breathes through the mouth: the lower jaw drops, the top seems to be squeezed that breaks the process of teeth formation. The top cutters start acting forward. And very few people know, that even thorax development, even backbone bends can change depending on the wrong breath.

These are the negative consequences of the third tonsil. Of course, all these changes arise not at once. And it is clear that the earlier help will be given to the child, quicker the recovery will be achieved. As a rule, treatment is going to be surgical namely the expanded adenoids delete. Having heard from the doctor that operation is necessary, parents are usually afflicted. Also, we try to distance the unpleasant moment when it is necessary to take the child to the otolaryngologist. And waiting does only harm.

The operation is almost painless and technically simple. Anesthesia is applied in quite a harmless way: the operational field is greased with the anesthetizing preparation or administer this preparation in nose, and then the doctor enters the special tool taking the expanded tonsil, one movement into widely opened child’s mouth — and the “gag” preventing to breathe, bringing so many troubles is removed!

Everything is simple, you just need to realize it in time because the wasting of time will worsen the business. You cannot let your child suffer from uncomfortable feelings. It is time to start acting and immediately.