Proventil is used for the treating the problems of asthma such as wheezing and shortness of breath. In fact, it is effective for the treatment of asthma that is caused by exercise. This is medicine used for the treating breathing issue belongs to a group of drugs that are known as bronchodilators. This drug works by opening up the breathing passages and also relaxes the muscle. It helps you to control breathing problem and thereby helps you to carry on with your daily life.

Things You Need to Discuss with Your Doctor


You should avoid taking this medicine in case you are allergic to albuterol. In order to make sure that you can safely use this medication, you need to inform your doctor if you have:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Seizure;
  • Heart problem;
  • Diabetes;
  • Overactive thyroid

Also, you should let the doctor know if you are planning to get pregnant. An inhaler should not be given to a child below 4 years of age.

How Should You Use Proventil Inhaler?

Proventil inhaler must be used according to the recommendation of the doctor. It should not be used in smaller or larger amount than what has been prescribed to you. Make sure that you follow the instructions given on the label of the medicine. Get to know about the benefits and side effects of the medicine by consulting your doctor.

When you are using the inhaler for the first time, you should prime it by spraying 4 times into the air. Make sure you do it away from your face, as this can be harmful to your eyes. You should also follow this procedure if you haven’t used the inhaler for more than two years or when you have dropped the inhaler.

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The instructions that have been provided below are for the standard use if Proventil inhaler. Your doctor might advise you to use the inhaler in a different manner. Make sure that you use the inhaler device that has been provided with the medicine. Otherwise, you might not get the correct dosage of the medicine.

Step-by-step guidelines:

  • Shake the canister of this medicine before you spray every time.
  • Uncap the inhaler’s mouthpiece and breathe out. Put this mouthpiece in your mouth and then close your lips tightly. Now, breathe in and push the canister down. After this, hold your breath for about ten seconds and then slowly exhale.
  • In case, you are inhaling through this device more than once then you should wait for at least a minute before you use for the second time. Also, shake it again before using it.

You need to keep your inhaler clean. Dry it properly after you clean it. you should clean the inhaler at least once in a week. Remove the canister and place the mouthpiece of the device over the under warm and running water for about 30 seconds. After you are done shake off the excess water and allow the each parts of the device to dry properly before you fix the inhaler once again.

Using a Solution with a Nebulizer

Given below are the instructions that will help you to use a solution along with the nebulizer:

  • Measure the correct amount of the medicine by making use of the dropper that has been provided. You can also make use an adequate number of ampules. Now place the solution in the chamber of medication of the nebulizer;
  • Attach your mouthpiece to this drug chamber and thereafter attach the drug chamber to the compressor;
  • Sit down comfortably and put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Now, turn on the compressor;
  • Breathe slowly till you have inhaled the entire medicine. You will know that the treatment is complete when you see no more mist over the nebulizer and the drug chamber is completely empty.
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ProventilDo not forget to clean the nebulizer after every use. Make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions that have been provided with the nebulizer.

If the medications that you are taking do not work on your breathing problem then you should talk to your doctor. Also, if you feel that you need to use more amount of medicine in a day then do not forget to give a call to your doctor.

You need to keep in mind that an increased need for medicine for breathing problem might be an early sign of a severe asthmatic attack. Thus, it is important that you keep Proventil at hand all the time. Do not forget to get your medicine refilled before you run out of it. Store it in a cool and dry place. Extreme heat might make the canister burst. Therefore, you should avoid keeping in your car on a hot day.