Generic Amoxicillin is the full analog of the brand certified drugs (brand names include: Mymox / Amoxil / Amoxin / Amoxivan), but it is more affordable. The need for such generic drugs is confirmed by the high demand for them. With this drug, customers got the ability to purchase antibiotics with the desired qualities and effects, but at a lower price. Generics are produced mainly in India.

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Generic or Brand Name Drug?

In fact, there are some differences between generic and brand name drugs but they are not numerous and not so significant:

  • Manufacturers of generic drugs do not need to control their drug to meet quality standards as generics efficiency is already proven by the original brand drug;
  • The active ingredient (often the entire composition of the drug) of generics is the same as the active ingredient of the brand name drug;
  • Generics can not have a brand name, as it is a copyright infringement. They are usually referred to the active substance amoxicillin;
  • The shape and color of the tablets are also intellectual property of pharmaceutical companies and may not be copied;
  • Generics price is much lower (;
  • Generics composition may differ in certain auxiliary ingredients.

Why are Generic Drugs are Cheaper than the Original Drugs?Amoxicillin is a Generic Product

low priceThe main reason for Amoxicillin low price at Canadian Pharmacy Mall is that its manufactures required fewer expenses. Generics cost is lower – that is why they are sold at a lower price and maintain profitability.

Manufacturers of the generic drug do not have to spend money on:

  1. Research and development of the drug;
  2. A certificate confirming the safety and efficacy of the medicine;
  3. Advertising and promotion.
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First of all, manufacturers of generic drugs do not spend money on the development of drugs, since they use ready-made original drug formulation to produce bioequivalent versions.

Second point: generic manufacturers do not need to confirm the safety and efficiency of drugs in clinical trials – they only have to prove the bioequivalence of generic and original medicines.

Third point: generics have a huge advantage – they do not need advertising and promotion on the market, as well as recommendations among consumers, as opposed to new brand drugs.

Generics Bioequivalence

generic equals brandA generic drug is available only after the expiry of patent protection for the original drug. That is, the original drug is 10 years or more on the market – that is a proof of the efficacy and safety of its generic drug with the same formulation, so generic Amoxicillin does not need additional advertising.

Very high cost of brand drugs may be justified by costs for research, development, and testing, licensing, promotion and advertising taken by large pharmaceutical companies to submit a new brand drug on the market. Pharmaceutical companies need to recoup costs taken and make a profit before the expiry of patent protection.

Manufactures of generic drugs do not have these expenses. Bioequivalence testing and manufacturing – that was all required for the sale.

Generic Amoxicillin 500 mg is not a fake but 100% analog, legal and high quality. Generic manufacturers only need to register their brand legally to avoid specific violations of the copyright laws. All they need is just to change one or more letters in the product name. Packaging can be almost the same as the original one.

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Even the most competent doctors can declare that it’s safe to use generics. They are used in many countries worldwide. But you need to have a responsible approach to purchasing generic medicines. Read more about generic drugs.

Where to buy generic Amoxicillin?

canadian pharmacyYou should buy the necessary generic medicines only in large online stores like Canadian Health&Care Mall, which usually sell antibiotics over the counter. Employees of large online stores are more qualified, they will help you with advice and you will have all chances to buy high-quality goods. You may buy Amoxicillin online at the attractive price there.

The article is released by the professional team of Canadian Pharmacy Mall.