Amoxicillin is an antibiotic used to treat infections caused by bacteria. This form of penicillin is used in the treatment of diseases including bronchitis, pneumonia, and infection of the nose, ear, throat, skin and urinary tract infections (UTI).

This drug can be used with other antibiotics to treat many different diseases. Amoxicillin is available in various forms. Before the use of amoxicillin, it is important to consult with the doctor if you are allergic to this particular antibiotic.

Other Names

Amoxicillin is also mentioned with the name of Amoxil. Additional names for the same form include Amix, Acimox, Alfamox and many others.


  • Amoxicillin should be taken at the same time every day for effectiveness;
  • Follow the prescribed dosage and don’t elongate the period of consumption before consulting the doctor;
  • Some forms of the drug can be taken with or without food which some needs to be consumed within one hour after a meal is taken. Follow the label and instructions on the medicine or your doctor;
  • If you are taking a chewable tablet, always chew before swallowing;
  • In case of an overdose, you may feel black-outs, skin rash, or confusion. Visit a doctor immediately;
  • Do not take this antibiotic if you suffer from diarrhea. It may be a symptom of some new infection

Though an over the shelf medicine, this antibiotic should not be taken in case of flu or cold which are generally caused by a virus. This antibiotic is not effective on viral diseases. You can find other useful information about antibiotics here.


Side Effects of Amoxicillin

  • Swollen throat, face, lips or tongue;
  • Skin rash;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting or diarrhea;
  • Stomach pain;
  • A headache;
  • Vaginal itching or discharge
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These may only be some of the few common side effects seen in patients. The side effects of Amoxicillin are rather sudden beginning from a change in mental state and may be following by a constant itching skin rash. We strongly recommend consulting your doctor if you feel anything unusual.

Grapple with side effects watching the video:

Forms of Amoxicillin

Though mostly available in the form of capsules, Amoxicillin is the most commonly prescribed penicillin antibiotic for bacterial treatment in children. It is also market available in the form of syrup, chewable tablet, and pediatric suspension.

Talk to the doctor!

InfectionsAny antibiotic should only be consumed under doctor’s supervision. Though, there are some points to be noted which you might want to discuss with your doctor during consultation.

  • Can reduce the effect of birth control pills
  • May not be effective for all patients with the same symptoms
  • If you are on medicines for other forms of diseases such as asthma, kidney disease, allergies. Also, discuss with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Amoxicillin should be stored away from heat and sunlight. It should not be in contact with moisture, children or pets.

Brand Names

The brand names for Amoxicillin consist of Moxatag.

Forms Available measure
Capsules 250mg 500mg
Tablet 500mg 875mg
Chewable Tablet 125mg 250mg
Extended Release Tablet 775mg

The look of the medicine may change depending on the measure of dosage and the brand.

Market Availability

Amoxicillin is generally available in all pharmacy stores in all local markets. You can also buy this medicine online through Canadian Health&Care Mall which is an online pharmaceutical website selling drugs and medicine at cheap prices. Other than the offers the website provides on registration, there are heavy discounts on various product and seasonal clearance sales. The website has the advanced facility of a reminder which reminds you when the medicine is to be refilled. You can also choose to be anonymous to the purchase of any particular drug.

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Support Group

There are various support groups on the internet who constantly discuss the usage and give reviews on Amoxicillin. Some of the groups have more than 500 questions answered with respect to this medication. There are hundreds of reviews to read on the antibiotic which can be helpful in it usage. You can ask questions and get your queries answered through these support groups by being a member of the group. Before you take any medicine, doctor’s consultation is always suggested.