Though diabetes and erectile dysfunction are two different health problems, yet they seem to have some connection with each other. Men having type-2 diabetes are more prone to face erectile dysfunction issues. The problem in getting or maintaining an erection can be a primary clue that the person may have diabetes, especially men of younger than 45 years. The problem in the bladder or some disorder related to the bladder may grow into sexual disorders. Erectile dysfunction is one of such problem which has been seen in most of the men with bladder problems. Doctors say that these can be rectified by making some small changes, like changing the lifestyle, diet regime, physical workout regime and few other things like this.

How are erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes connected?

Erectile dysfunction may also occur as a sign of side effects of medicinal drugs, some sort of psychological matter, smoking, and hormonal deficiencies. An erectile disorder may be caused due to various reasons, which includes health issues like blood pressure, cardiac problems, kidney and bladder disorder, blood vessel and nervous disorder and alcohol abuse or narcotic addict and also type-2 diabetes.  Type-2 diabetes may cause a problem in getting an erection in men or problem to sustain it. It is a misconception that only men are prone to sexual problems. Both men and women are prone to such disorders. Men with type 2 diabetes face problem in ejaculation and erection, women with this disease, may have a problem in sexual response and also lead to a problem in proper lubrication in the vagina.

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Varied and undesirable blood sugar levels due to type-2 diabetes may cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels. This damage to the nerves adversely affects their related functioning. The nerves which control sexual stimulation may affect the person’s ability to get a firm erection enabling him to have an intercourse. Similarly, damaged blood vessels allow a lesser amount of blood flow through them, thus contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Type-2 diabetes

The body’s response to sexual stimuli can be involuntary, governed by using autonomic nerve signals that develop blood waft to the genitals and helpful in gentle muscular tissues to loosen up. Any sort of damage to these tissues lowers blood circulation in the sex organs both in men and women.

The chances of erectile dysfunction in men affected by diabetes are very prominent and large in possibility, ranging from 20 to 75 percent. Quite often humans who have diabetes have double the chances to have erectile dysfunction than men who do not have diabetes. Amongst the men with impotence or erectile dysfunction, those with diabetes would experience the main issue of sexual disorder and erectile dysfunction 10 to 15 years earlier than men without affected by diabetes. Some additional information suggests that erectile dysfunction can be a signal of diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction is not a rare problem, neither it is associated with a person’s manliness in any manner. Therefore, the men who experience erectile dysfunction should recall speaking with some health specialist regarding the issue at the earliest or it may lead to some serious health disorder. The healthcare specialist or expert may just ask about the sufferer’s medical history, the trouble and sexual life disorders, medicinal drugs concerning health issues, smoking and drinking habits, and ask a few questions regarding other health conditions. A physical examination and laboratory checks may support core motives of sexual disorders. The health practitioner will investigate regarding blood sugar problem in the body and hormonal changes levels and may ask the patient to do some daily regular check-up related to blood sugar. The clinical specialists may additionally ask whether or not the patient is depressed or has shown up some sort of medical illness or mental instability or risky psychological problems in present or somewhere in the past years.

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Keep your blood sugar levels under control

For those facing erectile dysfunction due to type-2 diabetes, eating a diet which helps in keeping their diabetes in control, will help them overcome their ED problems by reducing the damage to their nerves and blood vessels. This diet will also enhance their energy levels, thus keeping them active and happy, which may further contribute in resolving their erectile dysfunction.