Stendra dosage and method of administration is not particularly different from other drugs of the group. The drug is taken 25 – 30 minutes before anticipated sexual intercourse. The pill must be taken with water. The quick performance secret is in its fast digestion by the body. It is instantly absorbed by stomach walls and enters the bloodstream. The maximal concentration of active substance in blood is observed after 2 hours.

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The drug can be taken both on an empty stomach and during a meal. Fat content and amount of food have no effect erection occurrence, as well as on drug effectiveness. However, we must remember that high-calorie foods can reduce sexual desire because after hearty lunch often people observe drowsiness.

Stendra dosage recommendations
Alcohol does not interact with an active ingredient of Stendra. These pills can be combined with a small amount of alcohol. Clinical trials have shown that number of side effects increases after three glasses of wine or strong alcoholic beverages. A greater amount of alcohol can cause:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness.

Therefore, abusing alcoholic beverages is not recommended.

Dosage Guidelines

Many patients compare Stendra andViagra because recommendations for dosage and administration are almost the same. Avanafil starting dose is 50 mg. This amount of avanafil is in most cases sufficient to achieve stable, persistent erection. If the effect is insufficient or does not appear at all, you can increase the dosage of 100 mg. Stendra max dose is 200 mg a day. Between medication intakes, there must be 24 hours. When receiving pills you should refuse from fresh grapefruit, juice and other products containing grapefruit. Active ingredients contained in this fruit can interact with avanafil which leads to unwanted side effects.

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If there are any contraindications, the recommended dosage should be reduced in two. Taking more than one pill of active agent a day is possible only after physician prescription. Stendra lasts for five to six hours, and then gradually decreases. Please note that this product is not a sexual stimulant. Avanafil begins its work after tactile stimulation.

Dosage for Elderly Patients

Males aged 70 years can receive standard doses of avanafil (50 to 200 mg). Patients over 70 years before beginning to use medicinal products containing avanafil, should seek medical advice for individual selection of optimal dose of the drug.

Dosage for Patients with Impaired Liver and Kidney Function

In case of mild and moderate hepatic dysfunction, Canadian Stendra should be used under medical supervision and initial dosage should not exceed 50 mg. Further, in case of good tolerability, dosage can be increased. Use of means of severe hepatic impairment is contraindicated.

In some cases, a slight decrease in efficiency may be observed in patients with renal insufficiency. Drugs based on avanafil are contraindicated in patients with severe renal insufficiency.


stendra overdose and treatmentStendra overdose may be caused by accident, excessive use the drug, reduction of the interval between receptions, that should be 24 hours, or incorrectly selected dosage. In case of an overdose, patient experiences increased side effects and a sharp deterioration in general health. In case of overdose, it is necessary to immediately stop taking the drug and clear its remains from the body. In case of overdose and at first signs of side effects, contact your doctor immediately, who will take necessary measures: gastric lavage, medication to relieve toxicity and restore normal health state. Treatment is symptomatic in this case, because of high avanafil connection with plasma proteins, hemodialysis has no therapeutic effect.