CystitisCystitis is a bladder inflammation. As a rule, the mucous membrane of bladder walls is subject to the inflammatory processes caused by any infections. At least once in life, the disease is diagnosed for every eighth woman.  men, cystitis meets much less often.

This fact is explained by features of an anatomic structure of female urinary tract, namely the closer arrangement of an external opening of the urethra to an anus. However, men have a cystitis of a chronic form and it is one of the most important symptoms of pathologies of a prostate or tumors of the uric tract. At women, on the contrary, cystitis most often meets as the independent disease caused by Staphylococcus, a fecal streptococcus, etc. Sometimes the cystitis reason in men and women have a chronic pyelonephritis or tuberculosis of kidneys.

Who is prone to cystitis?

At risk zone of cystitis may be included pregnant women, elderly people, people with diabetes mellitus, spinal cord damages, multiocular sclerosis. Any of the above-mentioned factors may become the reason for bladder inflammation and lead to such ramifications as pyelonephritis, kidney failure, sepsis, prostatitis and cystitis in males. Depending on symptoms expressiveness of cystitis it is accepted to allocate two main forms of a disease. Sharp cystitis quite often provokes hypothermia. We may refer to the early symptoms the painful speeded-up urination.

The medical term for this phenomenon – a stranguria or pollakiuria. Cystitis symptoms at the progressing disease stage are temperature increase to the subfebrile indicators, stomach morbidity at palpation, urine turbidity. Symptoms of cystitis of an acute form are shown till 7-10 days. Then considerable improvement of patient’s health or transition of cystitis to a chronic form is observed. In chronic cystitis symptoms are less expressed. The patient feels the minimum discomfort in the bottom of a stomach, the short-term speeded-up desires to an urination. Chronic cystitis always proceeds with the periods of a short-term aggravation of process and leads to a permanent increase of the level of leukocytes and erythrocytes in urine.

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Sharp cystitis is diagnosed on the basis of complaints of the patient to the speeded-up and painful urination, and also analyses of urine across Nechiporenko. Ultrasonic research, in this case, will be applied to an exception of organic bladder pathologies. It is more difficult to establish the diagnosis “chronic cystitis” because of small expressiveness of symptoms. Cystitis of a chronic form is established after studying the structure of bladder microflora by means of crops. The diagnostic method a uroflowmetry is applied to an exception of obstruction of the uric tract against chronic cystitis. The treatment of cystitis is a long-term process but it worth the price really speaking that’s why you’d better attend the doctor and work out a treatment plan. After that, you may order drugs at Canadian HealthCare Mall. Everything you need is to have a credit card to pay for the order. Due to the developed delivery system, you will get the parcel in time.