There are 7 types of male sexual dysfunction, and each includes subforms:

  • Psychogenic sexual dysfunction: monosyndrome; polysyndromic;
  • Diencephalic (hypothalamic): exogenous; endogenous;
  • Cerebrospinal: with a psychogenic component; with interoceptive;
  • Genital-receptive: exteroceptive; interoceptive (interoceptive-toxic, interoceptive-conductive, interoceptive-vegetative, interoceptive-psychohepic, ipeteroceptive-endocrine, interoceptive-spinal); mechanical;
  • Endocrine sexual dysfunction: primary; secondary;
  • Mixed;
  • Other forms.

Psychogenic sexual disorders occur due to various kinds of mental trauma. Monosyndrome sexual disorders are often associated with the character features of the person (anxiety, suspiciousness) or neurosis. It is easy to recognize and treat them. Polysyndromic sexual disorders arise against the background of common neuroses, psychoses. Their diagnosis and treatment are associated with certain difficulties.Diencephalic form occurs on the basis of extreme external (high energy, vibration, intoxication) and internal (severe endogenous intoxications, chronic diseases) effects on the body.

The cerebrospinal form is associated with overloads or over-excitation of the spinal sexual centers. It occurs most often with violations of the regime and the rhythm of sexual activity. Diagnosis and treatment of diencephalic disorders give favorable results.

The genital-receptive form develops due to organic lesions of the neuromuscular system of the genital organs or chronic inflammatory processes. The success of treating these disorders entirely depends on the timely and correct treatment.

Endocrine sexual dysfunction occurs with violated secretion, metabolism and excretion of sex hormones, which can be associated with congenital or acquired insufficiency of the gonads or violated exchange of sex hormones associated with endocrinopathies, the involution of the endocrine glands or diseases of internal organs involved in the metabolism and excretion of sex hormones (liver, kidneys).

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Mixed sexual dysfunction is characterized by the presence of both genital-copulatory and systemic-opiolative symptoms and syndromes. It develops most often due to an incorrect or untimely treatment of male sexual dysfunction. Diagnosis and treatment are often associated with great difficulties since the dynamics of the pathological process are not always susceptible to accurate analysis, and hence the choice of therapeutic effects and the sequence of their application, as a rule, involve great difficulties.

Other male sexual disorders include rare forms: priapism, prolonged erection, aspermatism (absence of ejaculation), satyriasis, false sexual dysfunction.

Foods That Increase PotencyFoods That Increase Potency

Nutrition plays an important role in human life: well-being, mood, tone, strength, energy, satisfaction and, of course, sexual activity and feelings depend on it. It’s no secret that potency and sexual desire depend on what foods people eat. These products are called aphrodisiacs, known to mankind since ancient times. We will try to find out exactly what magic products, ingredients and special ways of cooking affect feelings and emotions, desires and sensations of a sexual nature, and how to increase potency naturally.

Vegetables, Fruits, Herb, and Drinks That Improve Potency Naturally

There are several groups of products that affect the sexual activity of a person, the so-called “love products”:

  1. Vegetables, fruits and berries, which are either visually similar to the human genital organs or have properties that enhance passion. These are carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, beets, eggplant, cucumber, artichokes, green and onion, garlic, cabbage, celery, Jerusalem artichoke, walnut, beans, avocado, asparagus. Fruits and berries – banana, strawberry, quince, plum, grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon, pomegranate, mango, apricot;
  2. Herbs, roots and spices that cause blood flow to the genital organs and improve their functions by supplying them with the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins. These are anise, basil, cloves, fragrant, red and black pepper, thyme, parsley, dill, ginseng, oregano, mustard, ginger, cardamom, cumin, coriander, kelp, poppy, mint, rosemary, horseradish, chicory, saffron, tarragon;
  3. Grain crops, as they provide the body with an energy boost for sexual intercourse. These are rice, oats, buckwheat, pork and wheat;
  4. Drinks that cause sexual desire and feelings affect their intensity and the time duration of sex. These are grape wine, cognac, beer, whiskey, punch, vodka, liquor, rum, tequila, cocoa, coffee and tea;
  5. Delicacies and seafood that provide the body with useful trace elements and protein substances, actively involved in chemical reactions and processes that trigger, regulate and control intimate activities, processes and impulses. These are shrimps, caviar, mussels, salmon, lampreys, scallops, eel, snails, oysters, frog meat and turtles;
  6. Mushrooms contain zinc and other vitamins and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on male potency, strength and reproductive abilities. Smurches, truffles, champignons, honey agarics, forest and meadow mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shiitake;
  7. Sweets. Oral cavity receptors induce intimate and sexual actions, especially if they are irritated by pleasant sweet, astringent and spicy taste, it stirs consciousness, awakens imagination, ignites feelings. These are chocolate, honey, whipped cream, marmalade, ice cream.
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Of course, all these foods for potency should be cooked correctly. You should also know how to decorated and serve them, and in what proportions mix the ingredients. We recommend eating fresh and hot meat cooked on the fire, it will awaken the animal instinct, drink a glass of good wine to strengthen the senses and awaken the desire. The obligatory components of a romantic dinner are vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget about a dessert, which will heat up your passion: ice cream with berries, strawberries with whipped cream, chocolate and cocoa, pancakes with honey and so on. Just do not overeat.

“Love dishes” combined with ED pills from Canadian Health&Care Mall will strengthen the men’s interest and increase potency! Be healthy, please your man and pamper yourself!