Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways that pass on to the lungs.When there is inflation in this airway or when the muscle of the area around the airway gets tightened, you may feel breathlessness, sneezing or chest tightness. This can be a symptom of asthma.

What are the causes of asthma?

Common causes of asthma include:

  • History of asthma in the family;
  • An occupation that involves engagement with dangerous and harmful substances that can be breathed in;
  • Exercise-induced asthma is one condition wherein the person suffers from an asthma attack or its symptoms after a heavy workout session

Most of the children are affected by the disease before the age of 5. Though there is no permanent cure for asthma, there are precautions and steps that can be followed and prescribed by a good doctor that includes medicines and inhalers.

There are two types of medicines prescribed for asthma:

  • Daily medicine;
  • Rescue medicine

Daily medicines are those drugs that need to be taken up on a daily basis even if you do not feel any symptoms of asthma. Rescue medicines are used when one suffers from an asthma attack. There are thousands of people suffering from this disease in Canada. If you are using an asthma inhalers, it is important that you are also aware of its proper usage.

Asthma TriggersThere are two types of asthma inhalers:

  1. Dry-powder inhalers. These inhalers include dry power medicines which are inhaled as you breathe in.
  2. Aerosol Inhalers. Aerosol inhalers consist of a canister which when pulled down, puts a pressure which shoots the medicine into the airways.
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It is vital to note the dosage of the medicine. Some inhalers also have a measuring scale which mentions how many doses of medicine is still in the inhaler. If the inhalers are not properly used, they will not give the effect they are being used for.

Ventolin inhalers, also called puffers give instant relief to asthma attacks. Ventolin is generally prescribed to patients suffering from asthma or other airway problems. Ventolin works on the muscles in the airways to make the airflow to and from the lungs normal.

How to use asthma inhalers?

Watch the video about how to apply asthma inhalers:

Asthma inhalers should be used only under the supervision and prescription of a certified doctor.

Adults: 2 puffs every 4 to 6 hours.

For people suffering from exercise-induced asthma, 2 puffs before 30 minutes of exercise are the general prescription.

Keep away the inhaler from heat and sunlight and do not take it near flames. In case of contact with your eyes, consult your certified doctor immediately.

Advair Inhalers are prescribed to children older than four years of age. Available as Diskus inhaler, it is a flat device which includes dosage counter. This device is generally used for taking in dry powdered medicines. Advair is generally advised to those suffering from the symptoms of asthma or other lung diseases. Advair Inhalers control inflammation in airway muscles making them relaxed to avoid the symptoms.

Advair doesn’t help with sudden asthma attacks. Its advantages are long term and help to keep your lungs in shape. This medication aids when you suffer from asthma attacks.

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Dosage guidelines

Advair Inhalers should be used twice in a day with a gap of 12 hours in between. This should be used strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Wash your mouth after the use of the inhaler. If you are using this along with other prescribed medication, keep a small time gap between the two.

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The dosage of an asthma inhaler largely depends on a person’s age, response to treatment and other medical conditions. A good doctor can have a complete health plan created for you that can help you control and stabilize the condition in the long term.