Canadian Health and Care Mall is going to explain you the most frequently asked questions about asthma, its symptoms and methods of treatment. More and more people worldwide suffer from asthma and try to overcome this disorder. Our high-quality medications are the greatest opportunity to eliminate and reduce asthma attacks frequency. This story is told from the point of view of pulmonologist – Jacob White, doctor of medical science.

Bronchial Asthma – Current Treatment Options

Today in the morning I received a call from an unknown woman asking for advice on the phone. I explained that I cannot treat an unknown patient by means of phone. Lady insisted, saying that she had asthma for 14 years, and she gets on well with asthma, using as basic therapy Beclazone. Just now, it is a time of aggravation, and the patient would like to know what to use better before Beclazone application: Berodual, or Ventolin or Atrovent. Nothing should be taken, I say. You basic therapy is poor, once there appeared such a question.

But I live well with this therapy for 14 years, the patient objected, a chronic disease of any periodically is aggravated, and I, as a doctor, should know that. Asthma has another character today, I’m still trying to push, but the lady angrily declares that it is all clear to me on and off. It is a pity that I did not manage to explain to the patient that over the past 14 years much has changed in asthma treatment, including and criteria for properly selected basic therapy.

Of course, bronchial asthma is one of the most vivid illustrations of psychosomatic diseases. One can not solve a psychological problem and hide from the pain of disease. A human being insists on his disease: it causes less suffering than an unsolvable problem. Of course, subconsciously. But even this patient’s perseverance can lead to remission, medicamentous remission when asthma will not bother you by means of minimum drugs’ volume. But if the patient is willing to discard crutches, and wants to proudly call himself a healthy person, then it is time to get rid of asthma completely. And my modest task is to provide him a little bit help.

Asthma and Sports

asthma and sportOften, patients with asthma believe that sport is contraindicated for them. They ask also about therapeutic exercises. It is worth knowing that asthma is not a contraindication to sporting loads. Moreover, at some point in asthma treatment, regular exercises are very helpful. You only need to take asthma under control first of all, and then really start to play sports. And then restrictions will disappear as themselves. Each of my asthma patients chooses the class to taste: swimming, any fitness training, dancing, self-study at home. And, thank God, physiotherapy is irrelevant. After all, if asthma is compensated, the person can afford athletic exercises, relevant to age.

Bronchial Asthma and Seasonal Allergies

For many people, asthma is manifested only in period of some plants flowering, pollen of which is considered to be an allergen for them. On this basis, these patients often even do not know these are unknown asthma manifestations. They never say, “I do not have asthma, I’m allergic.” Allergy is a rather general concept, it is not a diagnosis. But diagnosis depends on where the allergy is shown: If nasal mucosa and conjunctiva, it is allergic rhinitis and allergic conjunctivitis, but if as an allergic reaction cough and shortness of breath appear, it is considered to be bronchial asthma or seasonal allergic (atopic) asthma.

If plants that cause allergies bloom in a short period of time, such patients often tend to suffer from allergy, even if it is not only allergic rhinitis but asthma. In extreme cases, it is better to leave this residence for the period of flowering where these plants do not bloom. The only trouble is that human body is already formed reasons because of which there was an allergy provoked. It means that if the problem has not been dealt with, then over time, allergens spectrum and clinical manifestations spectrum will gradually expand. That is, today, such a person is allergic to birch pollen, and he suffers from allergic rhinitis for 2 weeks in a year, and tomorrow in this process grass and weeds are involved, and allergic rhinitis is added to asthma symptoms. And when allergy to dust is connected, the disease will lose its seasonal character.

I never had to see the patient, who could say that allergies have started on flowering trees in the form of allergic rhinitis when a child because it is manifested for all his life. Unfortunately, the script is always evolving incrementally.

So, the earlier the person starts to practice their allergies, the less he will need treatment measures.

Spring and Seasonal Hay Fever

So we waited for spring. Frost has not yet gone, but sun what is the sun! But not all people, I think, are pleased by a flowering process, which comes after spring sunshine. Seasonal hay fever (seasonal allergies: allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, asthma) is associated with flowering plants and is capable to poison spring meeting joy. There is still a month and a half, hurry. To date, the possibility of pharm-therapy meaning when treatment is correctly selected can completely turn off seasonal hay fever manifestations. You will be able to fully enjoy it, so fleeting in our climate, but a great time of year.

Immunity – Preparing for Epidemic Season

immunityThe summer was over. Cold. Children returned to schools and kindergartens. And it means the beginning of the respiratory infections epidemiological season. An abundance of fruits and vegetables is coming to an end, and we will again pass to tropical imports. So, it’s time to take care of strengthening the body’s defenses, strengthening the immune system: for 1-1.5 months you’d better take preparations of the normal intestinal flora, start taking a multivitamin preparations, think about the flu vaccine preventable. And, of course, those who are engaged in a hot summer, go back to the usual sporting activities. And who is not engaged, finally, go? It is highly recommended to think about contrasting water procedures (gorgeous hardening, normalization of vascular tone and the tone of the autonomic nervous system). You’ll see, you did not go into hibernation this winter.

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Asthma and Hypoallergenic Life

Not so long ago we sought to ensure that in our homes we were surrounded by things made of natural materials: if carpet, so it should be made of wool, if the blanket, so – certainly a duvet.

But it turns out that after progress, literally stepping on his heels, there are environmental issues and, as a consequence, the rapid spread of allergic diseases and, particularly, asthma is observed. And now, it is no news that natural products become the shelter for mites where they reproduce rapidly – one of the most common allergens, triggering asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Now, talking about bronchial asthma treatment and other allergic diseases, doctor-allergist starts with recommendations to get rid of woolen carpets, blankets, feather pillows, old furniture and replace it all to decent synthetic products, which are easily subjected to ordinary washing and wet cleaning.

It should be noted that, fortunately, and synthetic products quality changes for better greatly. They were hypoallergenic. Worldwide, there were even special shops for allergy sufferers.

Patients who have asthma must also get rid of all dust collectors: soft toys, all kinds of curtains and swags, any carpet, worldly, everything that can just wipe dust with a damp cloth.

Patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis, are not necessary to use “dry” vacuum cleaner. Cleaning should be damp, or a vacuum cleaner should filter air through water.

Household chemicals? Of course, no one manages only child or laundry soap. And yet, such means should be taken very carefully.

Thus, the drug is the drug, but the organization of hypoallergenic life in the house where there is a patient with bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and other allergic diseases, is no less important.

Asthma and Pregnancy

pregnancyYoung women are often made to see a doctor in case of asthma only when they are already pregnant. Only then, they finally looked into the annotation Ventolin and found that this group of drugs aimed at the asthma attack removal is not indicated during pregnancy. And before that: well, think – asthma, well, I think – Ventolin, what is the matter?

Always I tell my patients to think properly about what you are doing. Bronchial asthma with demand in Ventolin is a bronchospasm, which means a lack of oxygen to the body, resulting in all organs and tissues to experience oxygen starvation. And for pregnancy – it is a fetal hypoxia! That is, during the laying of bodies, including the nervous system, the fetus is experiencing oxygen starvation. Such a child cannot be born a genius! Why so?

To be married means you grow up, then you know that children may be born sometimes. And if you have asthma, please consider at least a step forward: in the case of pregnancy, you have to answer not only for themselves but also for the unborn child. So come in contact with your doctor before pregnancy (if it does not happen before), your asthma has been completely controlled at time of conception.

I must say that uncontrolled asthma is threatened not only by oxygen deprivation to the fetus. Bronchial asthma, allergy are diseases with a genetic predisposition. And better asthma and allergies are compensated, the less likely that you will transfer this predisposition to the fetus.

Uncontrolled asthma can cause miscarriage and even infertility.

In addition, not only Ventolin but also a number of other drugs for basic asthma treatment during pregnancy are not indicated. That is, a doctor who supervises a pregnant woman with asthma literally binds hand and foot. Yes, possibilities of modern asthma treatment are able to treat and compensate asthma. But why this extreme?

Asthma and Pets

For many patients with asthma, it is a very sensitive issue and causes perplexity. “I also do not have allergies to dog hair (cat, fish, bird, etc.) ?!” – outraged patient with asthma in response to the ban of attending physician on domestic animals content.

The fact that spectrum of allergens can be expanded over time. Patients with asthma may for 5 years keep the dog and some other pets, and in the 6th year, allergy appears. But an animal is not a plush toy it cannot be thrown away like trash.

It is especially difficult when the patient turns out, in which house animal already was present, and on this background, asthma is developed, but still with a clear response to this animal. How can I say, get rid of the animal? I explain persistently, that you can compensate for asthma in this case, but the patient must be aware that all these measures difficult and costly remedial we repeat to remain animal in the house. And often people will find an opportunity to solve the problem without damaging either animal or themselves.

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In my experience, it happened that my patients have already parted with his asthma, we have completely moved away from all drugs, and they do not come to me for several years: it was all good. And then we decided to have a “little doggy”. And we started all over again.

Including if there is a family history of a patient with bronchial asthma (allergic rhinitis, seasonal hay fever, atopic dermatitis and so on.), think properly before to get a pet. Or, at least, talk to your doctor, who will assess the risks.

Asthma and Dysbiosis

“What is the relationship, where asthma and dysbiosis are connected with each other?” – Patients are often surprised in response to the recommendation to do dysbiosis correction.

Do not forget, our mucous membranes are not sterile, they are densely populated by various microorganisms. And if this is normal microbial background (ie, micro-organisms are in the correct ratio), it is extracorporeal (outside) protection of our mucous membranes, which is involved in mucosal permeability regulation, including allergens.

In addition, basic drugs for bronchial asthma treatment suppressing allergic inflammation, unfortunately, suppress anti-infectious mucous protection, thereby contributing to the growth of pathogenic microorganisms (ie, goiter).

Thus, asthma and dysbiosis go hand in hand. And without correction of dysbiosis asthma has not been fully overcome. Including, if you have asthma (allergic rhinitis, seasonal hay fever, atopic dermatitis and other allergic conditions), be sure to take basic therapy preparations of normal intestinal flora. Results of asthma treatment will be better, and fewer complications are observed.

Asthma, Allergies and Food

Patients who have asthma or other allergic diseases, generally tend to find a range of products that they can not tolerate, hoping that excluding them, they are expelled asthma, as well as allergies. And allergists often start their recommendations with a hypoallergenic diet. And all this, on what you should pay attention when discussing nutrition. Of course, hypoallergenic diet has the right to life in some cases and for a short time, but it is unlikely to greatly bring you closer to achieving asthma control, and, most importantly, certainly not save from the gradual expansion of allergens spectrum. Therefore, in my opinion, it is much more important than to prescribe for a patient with asthma and allergies simple principles of nutrition, which contain virtually no restrictions (unless it is a known toxic product), but rather a concern about food intake.

This order facilitates digestive system performance. Indeed, in this process, we are trying to provide foreign substances supply to our body to obtain material for own tissues construction. Therefore it is very important for our digestive system to process foreign substances for the smallest building blocks in all living things, from which you can build your family structure. If the digestive system is unable to cope with this task, intermediates are formed which still alien to our body and therefore toxic. They are allergenic to our body.

Often the question is asked, whether you have food allergies, I hear the answer that if you eat 1 tangerine – everything ok, but if you eat 10 – allergy is guaranteed to you. This is not an allergy, it is the failure of digestive process, about which I speak now. And the solution to this issue lies in the line of a balanced diet, and not a strict diet. That is what will bring you to achieve control of asthma and allergies.

Asthma Treatment and Spa

Now it is the height of holiday season. Every year at this time I am faced with fact that patients who have asthma are not always wise to choose a time and place for a summer vacation and spa treatment.

So recently I had a patient with asthma, which is far from city directed at the foreign resort to visit natural climatic caves. According to the story, it is very difficult in material terms to organize such a trip for themselves. But the patient is seriously counting on the fact that as a result of her spa treatment asthma will disappear without a trace. At the time of treatment, she had uncontrolled asthma (asthma that requires frequent use of bronchodilator drugs). And tomorrow – plane departure.

Oh my God, well, no one did not occur to treat acute myocardial infarction in a sanatorium with the cardiovascular profile. And even with an acute gastric ulcer, nobody goes to the sanatorium. First of all acute state is removed, and only then, go for rehabilitation to the sanatorium. So what is asthma? Is uncontrolled asthma not a serious problem that many people are come to mind to start its treatment at climatic health resort? Earlier, before traveling to resort you were required a sanatorium card, after your doctor had to write that the patient is not contraindicated to stay in the sanatorium, ie, he would sign that examined an acute patient’s condition and the journey, acclimatization will not affect negatively patient’s health. Now each resort will take you to any condition, just come. It’s great, of course, that you do not need any red tape to help. The only pity is that they become non – responsible for the result. So, God bless them, with some pieces of paper, but even simply consult your doctor.

Asthma and Immunity

allergy - asthmaThe last time I wrote about security measures when using basic therapy, which asthma requires, and said that inhaled steroids inhibit local immunity of mucous membranes.

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And what is asthma itself? Asthma is an allergic disease, but an allergic reaction – is the wrong immune response. Immunity reacts violently to what it should not notice at all. Asthma, in fact, is associated with the twisted immune response. If asthma is associated with infection, such asthma is characterized also by a weakened immunity.

The conclusion is obvious: asthma requires not only the basic therapy but treatment aiming at improving immunity. That is, if you have asthma, you need not only an allergist but immunologist as well. Especially great if it is one and the same person. Only complex treatment today lets call asthma – completely curable disease.

Asthma: Basic Therapy and Safety

You’re out of luck: it still turned out to be asthma. But, fortunately, you’ve got a clever doctor, a well-chosen base treatment, and after a few days, you will feel much better. You can even almost calmed down: it is asthma but it’s not so scary. Indeed, asthma today is not a sentence. But is it enough just to use the basic asthma medications to successfully treat asthma? The fact is that asthma is the most often requires long-term use of inhaled steroids (i.e., hormonal inhalers). Yes, asthma, at which steroid inhalers are used is not called as hormone-dependent asthma because inhaled medications are local drugs and do not cause addiction at all.

However, performing locally and suppressing allergic inflammation in bronchial mucosa, which becomes asthma manifestations, these drugs simultaneously suppress the local immune response to the oral mucosa, pharynx, trachea, bronchi, mucous injure. A badly injured mucous performs its barrier function, it becomes like an open gate to infection. Most fungal infections appear: stomatitis, fungal angina. And not only fungi become easier to indulge in the unprotected mucous membrane. Of course, doctor, who diagnosed asthma and selected basic therapy, warned that definitely, you need to thoroughly rinse mouth and throat after each water inhalation.

But trouble is that simplest measures are not enough for safety. Take my advice: if your asthma requires inhaled steroids, be sure to take along with them drugs of normal intestinal flora.

How Is Asthma Treated?

Very often when feeling better during treatment, patients with bronchial asthma in a hurry to give up the basic therapy: patients want to remove “harmful” drugs and generally not receive treatment in general. And of course, despite all warnings of attending the doctor. After some time, usually, your state begins to aggravate. And patients conclude: yes I developed an addiction to these drugs! No! Modern drugs for basic asthma therapy – are, above all, local products. Even if it is a hormonal inhaler as a local therapy, it is not called as hormone-dependent asthma because local products do not cause dependence.

Just as the patient was treated properly, everything was fine. He threw the wrong treatment, and everything was as it was before treatment: no worse, not better. In asthma treatment little improvement has been achieved, it is necessary to achieve full norm – bronchial mucosa inflammation removal. The only doctor will explain to you how it is determined. I, usually in asthma treatment allocate two tasks. The 1st: to ensure that no manifestations of asthma (including objective, ie determined by the diagnostic methods) were not present during the basic therapy. Once the 1st task is completed, on the agenda there is a problem №2: try to remove basic drugs, while maintaining state achieved without asthma. And this should be done very competently. Otherwise, you will go back to the beginning of treatment.

Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis: To be Treated or not Treated?

The majority of patients with asthma are thinking seriously about treatment only when asthma has significantly begun to spoil their lives. Indeed, why it should be treated as we can tolerate.

So, asthma cannot be tolerated!

The fact that uncomplicated asthma is a disease that is currently treatable with perfectly good prognosis.

But, if asthma is not treated, there is a process of airways remodeling – morphofunctional irreversible alteration, which is no longer allowed to give such beautiful results in treatment, when patience is over. This will lead to loss of life quality. Then asthma will limit you in everything: in physical activity, work and personal life.

After you work out the treatment plan with your personal doctor you are welcome on Canadian Health and Care Mall online to place an order on drugs required for maintaining your life on the level.