Stendra (Avanafil) is a PDE-5 inhibitor used to treat erectile dysfunction. This drug is the closest relative of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Many people wonder – what is the difference between Stendra and Viagra? Unlike other drugs to increase potency, Avanafil acts within 15 – 20 minutes, and the possibility of side effects from taking the drug is significantly reduced.

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In 2010, American company «Vivus Inc.» for the first time released a new drug which belongs to a wide group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, that is, drugs that increase potency. The main advantage of this remedy is that it is very quickly digested by the body while having few side effects.

It is noteworthy that despite the fact that many people know it as Avanafil, it is not its trade name. All the rights to the original drug belong to «Vivus Inc.». The stunning success of the original drug has led to the fact that its developers have created its generic – an analog, which not only retains all properties of the original medicine but also turned out to be significantly cheaper.

Before it was introduced on the market, Stendra (Avanafil) passed a series of tests. The result exceeded all expectations because even the lowest dose of 25 mg showed a strong effect on potency and libido. It is worth noting that among participants of the experiment there were men suffering from erectile dysfunction during many years, and after treatment course, considerable progress was observed. If you still have doubts – which drug is better: Stendra or its analogs from Canadian Pharmacy Mall – most participants claimed that this remedy surpasses its counterparts in almost all aspects!

Canadian Stendra for ED treatment

In addition, as a result of studies determined the lasting time of this drug. The preparation started to act 15 minutes after administration, duration of its effect was more than 6 hours. Before going on sales any pharmaceutical product has to go a long way, which lasts more than a year. This includes the development of pharmaceutical formula, clinical trials and receiving a patent. And it is clear that it takes not only time but also great amount money.

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The most remarkable thing is that patent term is to expire – the drug will be produced by competing firms. That’s the way, any generic appears. In simple terms, they belong to a class of drugs that have the same characteristics as original drugs but are much cheaper. If you are interested what the price for Stendra – it should be said that price for this medication will please everyone who wants to buy this means.

What is so special about Stendra?

  • almost no side effects;
  • the action is fast, with long duration;
  • can be used with fatty foods;
  • can help men suffering from diabetes with sexual dysfunction;
  • very effective and safe when used correctly.

How Does Stendra Work?

The active ingredient of this genericdrug is avanafil. This is the first active ingredient in the world, an effect of which appears in 15 minutes. As other means for potency, it is included in a large group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. To start mechanism of natural erection, a rush of blood to the penis is necessary. Cavernous bodies, which play a direct role in erection process, have many blood vessels. But blood cannot flow in them continuously, otherwise, the erection will be constant.

When a man feels the strong sexual excitement, penis starts to release nitrogen monoxide (NO), which stimulates guanylate cyclase enzyme production. Reacting with each other, these compounds produce new enzyme – cyclic guanosine monophosphate. cGMP is primarily responsible for smooth muscles relaxation and penile vasodilation. When cGMP appears, blood begins to actively flow to cavernous bodies. The latter as a result like a sponge saturate and increase in size. The described process is disturbed by phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme. The aim of the drug is to block PDE-5 and ensure an uninterrupted process of erection.

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What is Stendra Used for?

Stendra is used for a complex treatment of erectile dysfunction. The means can be used for impotence, prostatitis, infertility at early stages of development. Indication for pills reception is the presence of low sexual libido, problems of premature ejaculation, insufficient erection, and potency.

Active substance contributes to the significant strengthening of immune system, normalizes hormone background and increases testosterone amount in the blood. With Avanafil, you can restore overall health and have a positive impact on the entire body. Long-term use of these pills can affect not only physiological but also the psychological aspect of the problem.

The means increases self-confidence, it allows to overcome the fear of intimacy, forget about past failures. It also helps to get rid of nervous tension, stress, and depression. With it, you will have the ability to surprise your partner and give her unforgettable orgasm!

Effects of the Drug

The action of Stendra is similar to the action of other drugs to increase potency.The active ingredient in this case – a component of an artificial origin. Avanafil belongs to demanded today group of PDE-5 inhibitors and is a product which action resembles Cialis and Viagra. The action appears regardless of age, weight and other characteristics. The minimal dosage of the drug is advised to patients aged from 18 to 70 years.

How Long Does Stendra Last?

standra drug action durationStendra last up to 6 hours. This characteristic is influenced by such factors as overweight, fatigue, sickness, etc. This is the first drug for potency, which takes effect within 15 minutes. It is highly effective in erectile dysfunction treatment. During placebo-controlled clinical trials in all groups effectiveness of the drug was 80% or higher. It is well tolerated at any age. But nevertheless manufacturer recommends to take the drug carefully by men over 60 years.

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How Does Stendra Affect Women?

Excitation of female genital organs occurs approximately the same way as male. Therefore, to increase female libido often drugs for men’s potency are used. However, at the moment, Avanafil was studied only when used by men. Its influence on the female body is unknown. Therefore, the drug is intended solely for men.