It seems that question of an unwanted pregnancy preventing is troublesome and always will excite women. That is why people are looking for and are still looking for a variety of methods, techniques, and drugs used to provide the contraceptive effect. Earlier methods that prevent pregnancy were quite harmful to women’s health, and even though it is really true, due to them the industry in medicine, specializing in contraceptives began to develop.

Nowadays, choice of contraceptive is really great. Every woman has the opportunity to choose from a variety of contraception means:

  • pills;
  • intrauterine devices;
  • condoms;
  • oral contraceptives.

Discovery of Birth Control Pills

The first real contraceptive drugs were invented in 1923. This was done due to the fact that female hormones which are responsible for the sexual activity were investigated. The study of hormones contributes to oral contraceptives creation. Only here in 1923, one tablet contained a dose of hormones, which can now be equated to the whole package of such drugs.

What now are oral contraceptives? Which among them to choose and how much harm or benefit they can bring to a woman? It is said that contraceptive pills are hundred percent protection against unwanted pregnancy, which also is convenient for the modern woman.


Features of Oral Birth Control

Today, you can find a lot of types of oral birth control pills, so you can not use them on their own, it is best to consult your doctor on this issue. However, with a qualified technician, you can discuss the “pros” and “cons” of this or that product, choose the best option for you exactly.

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Only doctor-gynecologist can prescribe an adequate method of contraception, given the characteristics of patient’s body. Oral contraceptive drugs can contribute to the normalization of the menstrual cycle, improve skin color and structure and please a range of other pleasant moments. In addition, women taking birth control pills, significantly reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, inflammation of female genital organs, in the future occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

The peculiarity of contraception method is the regularity of taking birth control pills, that is you should not miss or forget about taking oral contraceptives because in this way their effectiveness is reduced considerably. But do not worry about it. If you put the package in a prominent place, you will always know that it is time to take the pills. Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Mall recommends you to set an alarm on one and the same time not to miss the dosage.

If you follow all the instructions indicated in instruction for use, then to get pregnant almost is impossible. The scientists, who are engaged in similar studies have shown that 10 000 women who took oral contraceptives, the only one becomes pregnant. And, even if an incident occurs – woman, for whatever reasons, does not take the pill, the chance of getting pregnant is 1 out of 100. But remember to miss taking a pill can be no more than 3 times in a row, otherwise, the entire course loses its accuracy!

Birth controlĀ pills inhibit ovulation. Thereafter the egg is not capable to fully mature and, therefore, you cannot become pregnant.

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Types of Birth Control Pills

Modern birth control pills can be divided into three groups:

The first group – Postcoital Drugs

contraceptionThey are taken immediately after intercourse, so they protect against unwanted pregnancy. In order such pills perform having in their composition a huge amount of hormones, so after their adoption may appear side effects. Most often they are:

  • vomiting;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • other similar symptoms.

It is best to use these contraceptives to a minimum or combine them, depending on how much time has passed after sex. Remember that you can accept them not later than 72 hours after sexual intercourse!

Gestagen Preparations

Such pills are considered to be not very effective due to its combination. But if we compare all the possible oral birth control pills, it is worth noting that they have a sufficiently large number of advantages. These contraceptives are called mini-pills. They can be used when a woman is breastfeeding, in any way they can not affect the quality and amount of lactation. They are not rising pressure, which is not uncommon if a woman is just starting to take birth control pills. Progestogens drugs can be used by young girls as well as women aged. That’s just the pills, there is one, though not significantly, but still failing. You should take not only every day but also at the same time, otherwise, there will be no effect at all.

Combined Birth Control Pills

These pills contain multiple hormones and are considered to be the most effective. Such tablets are considered multi-phase, so most women take such pills to prevent ovulation and to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.