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Canadian Health&Care Mall Scholarship Gives them a ChanceScholarship Description

Start Date:


$1 000


We are talking about the possibility for students to obtain a scholarship in case if applicants manage with the proposed task. This scholarship is a fascinating capability for students to win the sum of money which may be used as a startup for realizing your future plans.

The grant offered is not great but may be a way out for ambitious students who need something to cope with financial reduced circumstances. Canadian Health&Care Mall is a facility which may help students realize their plans in any sphere they want. Students will feel encouraged and see that everything may be achieved if you do know what you want.

Contact Information



  • Gender: No matter
  • Min GPA: 2.50
  • Min Age: 18


  • This scholarship is affordable for students in attempts to achieve the following degrees: AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, MS, MFA, Ph.D., MD, JD in the pharmaceutical discipline.
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA;
  • Must be the U.S or Canadian Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident of the United States or Canada;
  • Must fill in and sign Application Form and send all required papers by the due dates;
  • Must submit a written essay to the scheduled guidelines.

Special Criteria:

  • All applicant submissions must be processed before the due date;
  • Finalists will be defined within 2 weeks after the due date;
  • The winner’s name and essay will be published on its website, blog and social media pages during a week following the finalists’ submission date;

Essay Topic and Requirements

  • Essays must be submitted with a filled in and signed Application with required documents attached to the due dates;
  • Essays must be 1,000–2,500 words and submitted by means of email to in Word format;
  • The essay topic is “How to Make Medications Affordable for All”;
  • Each Applicant is constricted to one submission/contest.

Canadian Health&Care Mall represents a well-organized system of insurance plans providing coverage to every Canadian citizen. It is financed publicly and managed by territories and provinces under the guidelines of federal government. Usually the provincial taxation provides about one-half …

A migraine is a very spread type of a headache but it may be treated and after being examined by the professional it is better to start treatment immediately. This condition is just that disease which very few people treat seriously. Many famous people suffered …

During the devastating worldwide polio epidemics of the 1940s and 1950s, a severe form of polio interrupted the lives of countless children and adults, often in their most productive years. In response to this crisis, modern devices for upper airway …

There exist rising concerns about the feasibility for safe and cost-effective home care programs for ventilator-dependent patients. Currently, such individuals reside for years in acute intensive care facilities at enormous costs in human and economic terms. Until recently, there were …

The facts about medicine of Ancient Rome are of special and great value. In Ancient Rome medicine, having stopped being the destiny of sorcerers and quacks, gained recognition and administrative support of the state. Ancient Rome became a pioneer of …

There are so many diseases and so many ways of its treatment but in the majority of cases it is rather expensive to buy drugs. Sometimes we pay for the brand not for the pills themselves. How to let yourself …

Angiodystonia (vascular dystonia) is the violation of tonic adaptational function of blood vessels caused by violation of a vessels walls structure, and also developments of a muscular layer, which is characterized by inadequacy, insufficiency or redundancy of function that is …

Canadian Health&Care Mall is an online pharmacy selling generic medications worldwide. Our company is very popular because it has many advantages. We will describe them in this article in detail. High-quality drugs We are proud to sell medical preparations produced by manufacturers from …

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a web drug store prevailing from all others but let’s grapple with the question why you should command the service of this online store instead of going to the ordinary drug store. It will help you …

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