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This category informs you about renewals of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

synthroidSynthroid 150 mcg is available again on Canadian Health&Care Mall! Make orders now and take 10-% discount saving more and more money.

Synthroid is the most frequently used name in the USA of levothyroxine sodium. In particular, this is thyroid hormone produced synthetically, which has the same effect as well as endogenous hormone thyroxine-4 (T-4).

Thyroid hormones are primarily responsible for the regulation of metabolism rate and play an important role in the human body. When administered thyroid hormones, metabolism is improved considerably. This is reflected in a faster conversion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as the body burns more calories per day. For medical purposes, these hormones are used to treat disorders of the thyroid gland and obesity (caused by such disorder).

This drug performs in much the same way as Cytomel. Cytomel, however, has a slightly different structure, as a synthetic hormone triiodothyronine (T-3). In a healthy human body, there is sufficient amount of both thyroid hormone T-3 and T-4. If they are compared, then, roughly speaking, hormone T-3 to 4 times stronger than that of T-4.

It becomes clear when we compare the release tablet form. Cytomel micrograms contain less material. Cytomel is much stronger than Synthroid, and usually at the same accessibility is much preferable for buying. But there are cases when Synthroid 150 mcg is required for disorder treatment.

Command the service of Canadian Health and Care Mall and buy this medication online at more reasonable and favorable price!

Viagra Professional 50 mg is on-stream on Canadian Health and Care Mall again! The price will attract you the most. Get to know more about this drug.

How does Viagra Professional work?

The action mechanism of Viagra Professional is similar to classical Viagra, they both have the same active substance – sildenafil, providing a beneficial effect on smooth muscles relaxation and filling cavernous bodies with blood.

viagra professional 50 mgViagra Professional blocks one of the enzymes, which reduces the increased amount of male erection and stimulates nerve endings of nitric oxide – a substance relaxing effect on smooth muscles. As a result taking the drug, in 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse, man receives a powerful long-lasting erection, increased libido and full confidence, which does not leave a man. An erection may effortlessly be observed for 6-8 hours, which is usually quite sufficient for full satisfaction.

The cost of the drug, despite its remarkable properties, is almost the same as that of the classical drug.

By purchasing the drug to restore or stimulate erectile function, a man takes a bit more than an erection, or a night of love – he finds the lost confidence, which he lacked in all aspects of daily life. Buy Viagra professional 50 mg to regain your normal life!

levitra_10_mgLevitra 100 mg is reintroduced for sale at Canadian Health&Care Mall. Now dosage of 100 mg is available online without any prescriptions at all.

Generic Levitra is available now in the following dosages: 100 mg, 60 mg, 40 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg. Be attentive in dosage definition.

It is widely known that vardenafil is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The main component of this medication is Vardenafil activating blood flow increase to male genitalia. As a result, steady and firm erection appears.

The effect duration is up to 6 hours. It is required to take a daily dose 20 mg 1 hour before sexual intercourse. The effect will be observed only in case of sexual excitement presence.

Levitra was created to make men worldwide more convenient while making a choice. But we strictly recommend you not to take this medication with no control, it is very important not to increase the permissible dose because it may provoke severe side effects.

People suffering from severe forms of cardiovascular diseases should not take or take Levitra with caution decreasing daily dose to 5 mg. If there is no effect it is better to consult a doctor before increasing the dosage.

Drugs ordered in our online pharmacy are effective at erectile dysfunction but consult a doctor before starting its treatment.

Here is new medication online for you – Topamax 100mg 240 pills, Topamax 50mg 180 pills, Topamax 25mg 180 pills on Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Now, this medication is available in the enlarged amount of pills exactly:

  • 240 pills in a dosage of 100 mg;
  • 180 pills in a dosage of 50 mg;
  • 180 pills in a dosage of 25 mg.

Topamax is topiramate and it is applied as antiepileptic means. But it has diverse nature and Topamax may be used for weight loss. We recommend you this medication guaranteeing you high quality and 100-% effectiveness.


Use in epilepsy:

  • As monotherapy in adults and children over 2 years old suffering from epilepsy (including patients with newly diagnosed epilepsy);
  • As complex therapy in adults and children older than 2 years with partial or generalized tonic-clonic seizures and for seizures treatment on the background of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Use in a migraine:

  • Prevention of migraine attacks in adults (Topamax used for acute attacks of migraine treatment).

Use in weight loss:

  • Topamax for weight loss should be taken in a dose of 25 mg per day and then increased to a clinically effective dose of 25 mg every two weeks. The average daily dose is generally 200 mg per day, duration 14 weeks therapeutic courses.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall offers you this remedy online at a considerable low price which may be decreased together with a 10-% discount coupon.

Assortment renewal – clonidine 240 pills! Canadian Health&Care Mall releases an enlarged amount of pills to 240. It is the greatest opportunity to save money while buying clonidine in the amount of 240 pills. Take a chance to order clonidine patch at an attractively reasonable price!

Aceclofenac 100 mg 180 pills

Clonidine is an antihypertensive drug of imidazoline derivatives group. This drug is prescribed for the following disorders treatment:

  • hypertensive crisis;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
  • anxiety disorders;
  • a migraine;
  • menopausal flushing;
  • diarrhea;
  • primary open angle glaucoma.

Clonidine is a generic name of such brand medications as Arkamin, Catapres, Dixarit, Duraclon, Apo-Clonidine, Novo-Clonidine, Nu-Clonidine but it is more affordable to purchase generic one because there is no difference between brand medication and its analog.

This remedy is in demand and acknowledged worldwide as medication effective for mentioned above diseases treatment method. More we grant you such an excellent opportunity as to provide you with a 10-% discount for all drugs you feel demand in. Here is instruction for use of a discount coupon, if any questions arise please contact us.

Assortment Renewal! Canadian HealthCare Mall introduces aceclofenac 100mg 180 pills. Make an order right now and take a 10%-percent discount!

Aceclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. This medication is applied as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-febrile remedy directed to overcome such disorders as:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • psoriatic arthritis;
  • juvenile arthritis;
  • rheumatoid spondylitis;
  • urarthritis;
  • osteoarthrosis.

These tablets should be taken once a day in 100 mg dosage. Aceclofenac generic name is Aitral.

Aceclofenac 100 mg 180 pills

Aceclofenac a is very widespread remedy in Canada. But it has a different price in various drug stores. But our price is the most affordable and attractive – $0,4 per item! Great opportunity to make an order right now. Do not forget about a 10% discount coupon. Buy Aceclofenac 100 mg 180 pills and order for future use as well.

Who says online pharmacies are not affordable that person has never made ordering via our service. We take all our efforts to provide people with everything required for their health. We guarantee you high products quality because your health improvement is our predominate aim.

Let us help you overcome this disorder, this is in our power. Place an order now and become healthier considerably with our online service!

Attention! We inform you about the decline in price for Viagra Professional (100 mg). Now you are able to save even more money. The drug is available in various amount of pills and is ready to revive your sexual life.

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