Female sexual dysfunction is a frequent condition in the event of which an equal role is played by biological, psychological and interpersonal factors acting sometimes in complex combinations.

Sexual disorders in womenfemale sexual dysfunction

The US National Institutes of Health released data that up to three-quarters of all women are affected in one way or another by severe sexual dysfunction.

  • 33% of women reported a decline in sexual desire;
  • 25% of women noted a lack of orgasm;
  • 20% of women expressed a humidified genital tract disorders;
  • 20% of women said that sex does not give them the pleasure.

Factors that provoke sexual dysfunction may include:

  • vasogenic;
  • neurogenic;
  • hormonal;
  • psychogenic.

Symptoms of sexual disorder in women can include:

  • disorder of libido and excitement;
  • orgasm disorder;
  • violation of lubrication;
  • disorder of getting pleasure;
  • pain disorder.

Female sexual dysfunction is a serious and very common problem in today urogynecology, which has a great impact on normal female life. However, only a small number of women go for help to specialists. Of course, the issue is quite delicate and not every woman will dare to talk about their sexual problems to a stranger, even a doctor. In addition, this question is rather poorly lit even in special medical literature. But in fact, the problem was much more serious than previously thought, and therefore requires a thorough and detailed study.

Disturbances in the female sexual sphere can have a significant impact on quality of life:

  • disrupting the relationship between men and women;
  • affecting moral issues;
  • contributing to certain prejudices manifestation.

Female sexual disorders disrupt emotional balance and cause disruptions in interpersonal relations within the family. Dysfunction can accompany many diseases, but most of them are burdened primary sex-specific nature of the disorder. Prevention and treatment of female sexual dysfunction are important not only from medical and a social point of view.

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Female Frigidity: Causes and Treatment

Common symptoms of female frigidity:

  • persistent or recurrent unwillingness to sex;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • lack of orgasm.

After identifying true causes of frigidity, the treatment is usually very efficient.

Only a doctor can diagnose and treat female sexual dysfunction, first of all, it will be necessary to find out the cause of the disorder.

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Common causes of frigidity:

  • transferred trauma – a very painful defloration or attempted rape;
  • fear of getting pregnant;
  • excessive shyness or low self-esteem

In these cases, disease treatment involves clinical psychologist therapy. Generally, the treatment is time-consuming and may combine both psychological and medical methods.

Diseases such as ovarian dysfunction, hormonal imbalance and other gynecological may also lead to the fact that woman will not feel a need for sex. In addition, in some women’s diseases, even sexual intercourse itself can cause pain, so, of course, patients must be treated by a gynecologist, and that will help to eliminate the cause of the frigidity.

The temporary loss of interest in the intimate sphere can occur in women after:

  • common serious diseases;
  • chronic physical fatigue;
  • mental strain.

Quite often physically healthy women are “cold” in bed due to unwillingness or inability to wake sensuality in their partners. In this case, only the direct and frank conversation with a close man will allow a woman to get rid of frigidity. In severe cases, a couple may need to consult a sexologist.