Choice of modern contraception means is quite wide – the newest means to protect against unplanned pregnancy: hormonal contraceptives, creams, candles and condoms. If you try to evaluate human civilization progress on a scale of 5 points, most of the women put the highest score to the latest contraceptives.

Condoms (barrier method) often cause argues among men, as they are considered contraception for men mainly (by the way, an inconvenience of a condom is just one of myths spread by men!), but reliably prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Now let’s consider contraception options for women with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Latest Types of Contraception for Women

Creams and suppositories (chemical contraception method) are very easy to use, protect against STDs, but not very reliable in terms of protection against pregnancy and have a specific smell.birth controlIntrauterine devices are also means of contraception, which allow not to think about pregnancy, but they do not give 100% guarantee of protection against pregnancy, do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and are not suitable for women who did not give birth.

Oral hormonal contraceptives are the most reliable among contraceptives and additionally, birth control pills are able to normalize hormone disbalance and get rid of problems with skin and health. Hormones create an obstacle for ovum maturation and affect vaginal mucus, making it hard for sperm to enter the uterus. The disadvantage of most modern contraceptive methods can only be strict adherence to a daily intake of contraceptive pills at one and the same time. For those who don’t have pedantry in merits list, pharmacists are still coming up with new contraceptives that must be both reliable and easy to use. Some of such contraceptives are proved to be: Alesse, Yaz, Ortho-Tri-Cyclen, Ovral G and etc.

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Magic patch. Those who are tired of pills can use the patch. Of course not ordinary patch but contraceptive. Usually, it has body color and is put on any area of the body (upper arm, hip, abdomen), excluding breast area. Birth control patch should be well pressed to the skin and edges should be well stuck to it – then you can forget about it for a week. It acts as hormone pills. The only difference is that flow of hormones into the body occurs through the skin. Do not think that the patch will peel off. You can safely take bath, do exercises and bathe.

The contraceptive vaginal ring is suitable for those who are too lazy to think about the necessity to replace the patch once a week. Vaginal hormone ring protects you for three weeks. It is then taken out and a week later (just after menstruation) put a new one for the next three weeks. And you can leave behind all worries about unplanned pregnancy!

Progestogens injections (birth control shot) are also related to contraception. They are so safe that they can be made even during breastfeeding. Contraception issue can be solved for eight to twelve weeks. The only disadvantage is that it is impossible to make injection independently, it is required to see a doctor.

The traditional vaginal coil was also improved. It now contains hormones which enter the body in equal portions. Now it is called intrauterine hormonal coil. Such contraception coil protects for four years. The surgery is performed only by a qualified physician. The coil is allowed to be put only to parous women.

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Intrauterine hormone-containing contraceptives are known since the mid 70-is of the last century. However, they are not widely used because scientists could not give them the perfect shape.

Also, there is calendar method of birth control.

Terms of Contraceptives Application

No self-medication! This should be the first and most important rule for women who choose hormonal contraceptives. Only a qualified doctor after examination and blood tests can recommend suitable means of contraception!

In addition, it should be remembered that during first months of contraception in the middle of cycle some spotting is possible. If discharges last longer than eight days consult your doctor immediately.

Headaches, slight weight gain and breast pains when applying hormonal contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies for the first time are not dangerous.

Hormonal contraceptives are secure for 99,9% and by many women are considered best means of contraception. However, preventing pregnancy, they do not protect against STDs. Therefore, if you have multiple sexual partners and lack of confidence in their intimate contacts, you should not neglect condoms in addition to hormonal contraceptives.

Ability to give birth is restored quickly after discontinuation of hormonal contraception.

In addition, the reason for an immediate visit to the doctor should be pains in lower abdomen, bleeding at the injection site or infection, if you choose injectable contraception, severe recurring headaches and migraines.