Persecution maniaPersecution Mania is a mental disturbance which in psychiatry also known as persecution syndrome. Psychiatrists refer this disorder to the main signs of mental insanity. Persecution syndrome is a disorder when fault thoughts and ideas which are completely grasping in your mind and not coming under external influence despite their full discrepancy of reality. Mainly persecution syndrome is a symptom of any mental disease (schizophrenia). But it happens that “persecution syndrome” is also independent disorder.

Psychiatrists study this disorder for a long time, and its symptoms can be met in many medical textbooks and reference books. And the reasons for persecution mania are still not found out. If we do not take various unscientific theories into account, the illness develops under the influence of certain internal and external factors. Patients with persecution mania have a special structure of central nervous system predisposing to the different mental disorders. Also, the disorder development is dependent on the presence of other psychological traumas, miseducation.


The main sign of this delusional disorder is the obsession that someone tries to find, catch and do harm to him. Constantly it seems to the patient that some person or group of people persecute him with a definite negative purpose – to do harm (to cripple, kill, rob). “Persecution syndrome” may not become systematic simultaneously. This condition is preceded by the definite state which is called “delirious mood”. On this phase, the environment for a sicker makes a definite sense. He is constantly anxious seeing in everything threat. He constantly waits that something will happen to him. Gradually the concern gains constant character and develops into persecution mania.

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