Sometimes we did not notice feelings of close people, especially men. We believe that they are destined to be courageous and strong-minded. But men also feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Disorders of the genital systems occur very often. The causes of erectile dysfunction are diverse and some of them may be very serious. However, the strong half of humanity does not always pay due attention to their own health. But why is erectile dysfunction happening?

Why a man loses erection

Talk to Your Partner to Avoid ProblemsOften, the brain is the cause of sexual problems. This refers to a psychological erectile dysfunction.

According to experts, erectile dysfunction can be caused by endocrine and cardiovascular problems, pharmacological interventions and local influences. In this case, self-medication is dangerous. That’s why you need to consult a doctor to define the exact cause and work out a treatment plan.

Erection does not happen anywhere. It cannot occur in a psychologically uncomfortable situation (in the elevator, an unlocked room, etc.).

In selective erectile dysfunction, a man cannot have sexual relations with a particular woman but can achieve an erection with other women.

There are cases when a man suffers from selective erectile dysfunction:

  • On the first date. In this case, you need to keep your mouth shut and say nothing to your partner.
  • Sex with a condom. Indeed, many men can not have sex with a condom.
  • Labile men. If he is too vulnerable, any failure may cause a permanent failure of the reproductive system. In this case, sexologists and psychologists advise consulting specialists.

How to cure erectile dysfunction?

As a rule, a doctor prescribes the following medications to treat erectile dysfunction:

  • Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate);
  • Cialis (Tadalafil);
  • Levitra (Vardenafil);
  • Propecia;
  • Kamagra;
  • Stendra.
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You need to remember that men’s power is greatly dependent on women. You can easily revive men’s opportunities or easily destroy them. Try to help your partner – talk to him, advise, encourage to go to the expert.