AMOXICILLIN additional info

Read Amoxicillin additional information and special instructions to get as much benefit from generic Amoxicillin as possible and avoid complications.

Violations of Renal Function

Patients with renal failure may experience slow clearance of Amoxicillin from the organism. Depending on the degree of the disease, a patient may require reduction of the daily Amoxicillin dosage.

Special instructions

  • Before therapy with Amoxicillin 500 mg it is important to ensure you have no hypersensitivity to penicillins and cephalosporins, which may cause an allergic cross-reaction (10 – 15%);
  • There are reports of the severe, sometimes fatal hypersensitivity reactions (anaphylactoid) on the background of penicillin therapy. These reactions are more frequent in people hypersensitive to beta-lactams;
  • In severe disorders of the gastrointestinal tract with diarrhea and vomiting DO NOT USE Amoxicillin as these conditions may reduce its absorption. Such patients are recommended a parenteral form of generic Amoxicillin;
  • With the development of severe persistent diarrhea you should take into account the risk of pseudomembranous colitis (in most cases caused by Clostridiumdifficile);
  • Prolonged use of Amoxicillin tablets can cause increased growth of bacteria and fungi insensitive to the drug. Therefore, patients should be carefully monitored for the development of a superinfection;
  • Anaphylactic shock and other severe manifestations of allergic reactions after Canadian Amoxicillin are rare. With such a reaction emergence it is necessary to conduct an urgent measures complex: administration of epinephrine, followed by antihistamines. Patients require a special care and other therapeutic procedures, if necessary (artificial respiration, oxygen);
  • High concentrations of generic Amoxicillin in the urine can cause precipitation of the drug in the urinary catheter – so, catheters must be checked periodically;
  • When using high Amoxicillin it is important to ensure the adequate intake and excretion of fluids;
  • Forced diuresis leads to a decrease in the concentration of Amoxicillin in blood by accelerating its elimination;
  • Diarrhea may decrease Amoxicillin effects and absorption;
  • Determining the presence of glucose in urine during therapy with Amoxicillin it is recommended to use enzymatic methods. When using chemical methods, high Amoxicillin concentration in the urine can cause false positive results of tests;
  • Amoxicillin 500 mg may decrease the concentration of estriol in the urine of pregnant women;
  • Amoxicillin in high concentrations may reduce the glycemic indices;
  • Amoxicillin from Canadian Health&Care Mall may affect the results of protein studies when using a colorimetric analysis;
  • In the course Amoxicillin treatment it is necessary to monitor the condition of blood, liver and kidneys functioning;
  • Superinfection development is possible due to the growth of microflora insensitive to the drug – this requires a corresponding change in antibiotic therapy;
  • When prescribed to patients with bacteremia, generic Amoxicillin 500 mg may develop a bacteriolysis reaction (Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction);
  • In patients with increased sensitivity to penicillins, Amoxicillin may trigger allergic cross-reactios with cephalosporin antibiotics;
  • In the treatment of mild diarrhea during the course treatment with Amoxicillin, avoid antidiarrhoeal drugs that reduce intestinal motility. Consult a doctor in case of severe diarrhea;
  • Treatment with Amoxicillin should be continued for 48-72 hours after the clinical signs of disease disappear;
  • Combining oral contraceptives and Amoxicillin it’s recommended using additional contraceptive methods.
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Intestinal Microflora Preservation during Amoxicillin Therapy

Amoxicillin and Intestinal Microflora

Canadian Health and Care Mall informs the patients: the simultaneous use of two or more antibiotics usually affects the intestinal microflora. Antibiotic resistance is also a serious problem including the representatives of conditionally pathogenic microflora which excessive growth we can expect after a course of antibacterial drugs;

When combining Omeprazole and Amoxicillin, the number of Rothia mucilaginosain in the oral cavity reduces, at the same time there is Haemophillus species overgrowth. The number of anaerobic bacteria, including gram-positive cocci decreases substantially. At the same time the amount of Neisseria Haemophillus in the stomach increases.

The most serious problem associated with the use of antibiotics is antibiotic-associated diarrhea, which is observed in 10-25% of patients during combined treatment with generic Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. The most severe forms of pathology are colitis: antibiotic associated, segmental hemorrhagic and pseudomembranous.

After treatment with Amoxicillin it is recommended to conduct an intestinal microflora correction by means of preparations containing lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.

Amoxicillin for Cold Treatment: a Mistake?

Amoxicillin for a Cold

In the season of colds many patients storm the pharmacies with the demand to sell the antibiotic. Often pharmacists’ attempts to resist the persistent citizens and explain the correct method of cold treatment are not successful. People persistently use antibiotics, including Amoxicillin for a cold treatment. And … somehow see the effect. Canadian Pharmacy Mall will try to understand what is happening.

Many people believe that the cold triggers are a strong wind, drafts or wet feet. Most patients do not know that a cold is the same viral disease that SARS. Unfavorable factors provoked a decrease in immunity and infection easily overcame the barrier. Why do many patients take Amoxicillin pills and feel better?

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Everything is very simple. In the majority of cases respiratory viruses in our body are destined to die. SARS symptoms disappear within a week in immunocompetent patients. Canadian Pharmacy Mall reminds that a minimum Amoxicillin course makes five days. No wonder that many patients feel improvement at the end of antibiotic treatment of a cold. And it is true.

Generic Amoxicillin has nothing to do with recovery from a cold. The organism coped with the disease on its own. So, Amoxicillin for colds treatment is an example of absolutely unjustified antibiotics uses.

Where to buy Amoxicillin?

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Storage conditions

  • Store the drug at the temperature 59-77 ° F in a dry dark place;
  • Shelf life: 3 years;
  • Keep out of the reach of children;
  • Do not use after the expiration date.