ThyrotoxicosisThyrotoxicosis is the pathological state caused by the increased level of the hormones of thyroid gland provoking organism’s intoxication. For definition of this state the term hyperthyroidism is also used. At hyperfunction of thyroid gland thyroid hormones enter organism ‘s blood and fabrics in plenty that leads to disintegration of fabrics and oxidative phosphorylation. Thyrotoxicosis inevitably leads to violation of energy metabolism in organism. In organism excess formation of heat results, the amount of the energy accumulated by adenosine triphosphoric acid decreases. Completion of energy happens due to acceleration of all metabolic processes in an organism.

The recurrence of thyrotoxicosis is characterized by sexual and age factors. At men at thyrotoxicosis development of an infiltrative ophthalmopathy is more often observed, at advanced age the thyrotoxicosis is followed by violation of cardiac rhythm, characteristic mentality changes. At children’s age hyperthyroidism is characterized by neurotic manifestations.

Depending on the level of symptoms expressiveness thyrotoxicosis may be light, middle and acute. The symptoms are the following:

  • sudden weight loss without way of living and eating change;
  • fever, shivering, feeling of temperature drops;
  • sexual vigor decrease;
  • cardiac rhythm violation;
  • tremor;
  • excessive sweating;
  • anxiety, restlessness, sleep destruction;
  • rapid fatigability, stress, depression;
  • memory impairment, attentiveness impairment;
  • visual function violation.

As you see the symptoms are similar to some other disease that’s why it is rather difficult to establish the diagnosis without physical examination. So we may come to a conclusion that only a professional may help you to identify the disorder. After diagnosis establishment you may check out the web site of “Canadian Health&Care mall”. It is a pharmaceutical company carrying out its activity in the Internet. It provides its customers with an outstanding service and low prices in comparison with ordinary drug stores.

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At thyrotoxicosis treatment assumes an integrated approach, considering the reasons of this disease appearance and development, a symptomatic complex, the general condition of the patient. Treatment has to happen at the same time at several levels: along with correction of a hormonal background, elimination of the reasons of hormonal intoxication development, the patient has to receive the all-strengthening therapy.

In this all-strengthening therapy it is very important to sustain the organism under a condition ready to overcome this disease that’s why do not remember to take vitamins which you may order via “Canadian Health&Care mall”.

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