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Birth control category describes main contraception methods including birth control pills, birth control patches and etc.

Choice of modern contraception means is quite wide – the newest means to protect against unplanned pregnancy: hormonal contraceptives, creams, candles and condoms. If you try to evaluate human civilization progress on a scale of 5 points, most of the …

Alesse and acne are two closely connected notions. Very often acne cause lies in hormone fluctuations. As a consequence, hormones “go crazy” and sebaceous glands perform in an uncontrolled rate. The result is facial rash. Does Alesse help with acne? …

Alesse has a number of pros and cons able to make women decide to apply it or not.

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Contraceptive pills have a number of advantages over other methods of protection against pregnancy:

  1. reliable method of contraception: Alesse provides the most protection against pregnancy in more than 99% of cases;
  2. suitable for girls and women of all ages;
  3. normalize hormonal balance and reduce ovarian cancer, endometriosis, ovarian cysts risk;
  4. make menstrual cycle regular, especially if earlier menstruation may delay or appear several times a month;
  5. reduce abdominal pain during menstruation;
  6. reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS);
  7. on a background of contraceptive means reception, menstruation is not as abundant and last fewer days;
  8. if you are taking Alesse, then you have the opportunity to delay undesirable menstruation (for example if you are going on vacation);
  9. they produce therapeutic effect in case of mastitis;
  10. if you decide to plan pregnancy, after their reception termination, chances to conceive a child are much higher;
  11. all effects disappear after their cancellation.

Alesse Birth Control Cons and Pros

Alesse Benefits

  • effectiveness – almost 99%;
  • safeness;
  • availability (available price);
  • convenient package.


The disadvantages are:

  • not 100% guarantee: even the most high-quality medications can fail;
  • the pill must be taken every day, skipping even one pill can reduce effect and cause pregnancy;
  • when taking certain medications (eg, antibiotics) contraceptive effect may be reduced;
  • the first time after the beginning of its reception you may suffer from spotting in the middle of menstrual cycle;
  • birth control pills can increase appetite and retain water in body, if you do not want to gain extra weight on background of such medications intake, then you need to keep a diet and refuse from sedentary life;
  • Alesse can cause hair loss;
  • after contraceptive pills withdrawal menstrual cycle disorders are observed in some cases (though it should be said that this is exception rather than rule);
    1. birth control pills, as well as any other medications are not without side effects (Get to know more about side effects of Alesse):
    2. breast tenderness;
    3. increased blood pressure;
    4. headache;
    5. bloating.

Before starting birth control application, you need to consult a gynecologist.


Ordinary women argue about birth control pills probably will not soon fade away, there are too many women who consider any hormones – absolute evil. Of course, it is not true, and millions of women around the world successfully apply various contraceptive means including Alesse for years. However, it should be understood that you can not start taking pills in without consulting a doctor. It is mandatory to take birth control pills according to strict doctor’s prescriptions.

If you take care of your health, then contraceptive means can be your companion for long years.

Alesse and alcohol are not compatible. Alesse is acknowledged contraceptive means containing ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel mutually excluded with alcohol. Alesse and Alcohol The basis of birth control pills is female sex hormones that inhibit ovulation …

Alesse contraindications are diverse: pregnancy, lactation; hepatitis, jaundice, decompensated liver cirrhosis, liver failure, constitutional hyperbilirubinemia (Gilbert’s syndrome, Dubin-Johnson syndrome), liver tumors (hemangioma, liver cancer, including in anamnesis), or expressed itching during previous pregnancy; porphyria; herpes infection during pregnancy in anamnesis; …

Alesse side effects are expressed inessentially because these birth control pills are tolerated well. Side effects, as a rule, have temporary character and pass on their own after 2-3 months of constant Alesse use. Side effects probability is increased when …

Alesse dosage regimen is selected individually, depending on drug’s type. More information can be obtained from your gynecologist. It is an effective contraceptive means. The main aim of which is to prevent unwanted pregnancy by suppressing ovulation. It becomes practically …

Alesse is birth control estrogen-progestin combination drug. If ingestion inhibits secretion of gonadotropic hormones. The contraceptive effect is carried out due to several mechanisms.

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As progestin component it contains derivative of 19-nortestosterone – levonorgestrel, surpassing activity of luteosterone (and synthetic analog of latter – Praegninum), it performs on receptor level without prior metabolic transformations. Estrogen component is ethinylestradiol.

Under levonorgestrel influence blockade appears in case of releasing factor (LH and FSH) of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland secretion inhibits gonad-stimulating hormone, which leads to inhibition of maturation and release to fertilize an egg (ovulation). The contraceptive effect is enhanced by ethinylestradiol. It retains high viscosity of cervical mucus (makes it difficult for sperm to penetrate into the uterus).

Along with contraceptive effect when taken regularly normalizes menstrual cycle and helps prevent the development of a number of gynecological diseases, including diseases of tumoral nature.

Indications for Use

In what cases levonorgestrel + ethinylestradiol helps:

  • contraception;
  • for single-phase products – hormone-dependent functional menstrual disorders (including dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia without organic cause, premenstrual syndrome).

Attention: Do not appoint a drug using this information section. The effect given by drugs is very different, and birth control pills must be appointed by a doctor.

How Does it Work?

Levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol are one of the most popular and known hormones. Such medications are released in the form of tablets, capsules for subcutaneous administration, dragees or intrauterine devices.

The action of levonorgestrel is progestagenic and antiestrogenic, due to which the process of ovulation is inhibited preventing pregnancy. These hormones make cervical mucus more viscous, which makes it difficult for the sperm to enter the uterus.

In addition, they affect the growth of the endometrium. So that even if the fertilization of the egg occurs, it will not be able to gain the uterus because of the small thickness of the inner mucosa. The regular intake slows the production of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, lowers the function of the yellow body.

Pregnancy is a significant and joyful event in every family. Mother wants to keep the future baby, no matter how many days or weeks it is, from all troubles of life. However, you cannot protect the future child from everything. …

Today, you can learn how to solve many problems related to procreation and reproductive health. We would like to share thoughts on the impact on health and fertility due to extensive use of various contraception means.


Today it is obvious that birth rate in most countries, especially those who consider themselves highly developed, does not ensure population’s reproduction. In other words, the humanity is dying out. This is not a quick process. It will last longer than human life duration.

But we are responsible for what will happen to humanity through 200-300 years. Just it is necessary to have a little bit wider look at the problem and ask: “What can I specifically do in order to live my grandchildren and so on and so forth? In what conditions and environment will they live in?”.

Where The Babies Come from?

Each of us got a fairly extensive education in different areas, but I am convinced that not all thoroughly know the answer to this question.

You must know that the most important reproductive organ in humans is the brain. From here it comes impulses that contribute to the development of corresponding organs and systems in the body, men and women are needed to prepare for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth hormones, cells, new structures.

In today’s world, putting in first place comfort and enjoyment of life, the instinct of procreation, without which humanity cannot survive, strongly inhibited. This primarily affects the central nervous system and, consequently, reduces the person’s ability to bear children.

Of course, before conception, it is necessary to create a family – indissoluble union between a man and a woman based on mutual love, fidelity, trust, mutual understanding, and support, willingness to continue the race. Today, unfortunately, not all the conditions of a healthy conception are present.

In any case, in order to born a new man, you must merge male and female sex cells (conception of new life). Then conditions are needed for pregnancy and birth of this man.

In male body, since puberty, and almost to the end of life, new germ cells emergence process occurs continuously (by the way, they have a shelf life of about 3 months, then killed and removed from the body by natural means).

pregnancyFemale germ cells in an embryonic condition of ovaries are present, even before the birth of a girl, and new ones do not appear. But their stock about a thousand times is greater than it may be required in a woman’s life. In each menstrual cycle, a woman matures and the ovary produces only one egg (rarely – two).

The process of a birth egg from the ovary is called ovulation.

Egg is grown from embryo to the adult state, capable of being fertilized, and it lasts 6 days, and only those 6 days in female body, the conditions for preserving the life of sperm prior to ovulation, in the remaining days of the cycle conditions for the survival of sperm in female body is not present.

After ovulation, the egg only lives for a day, then it is killed and removed from the body, like all other dead cells. Naturally, after the death of egg conception becomes physiologically impossible.

Common to all formulas you cannot predict the timing of birth in egg in each woman in each menstrual cycle. If in days before ovulation sexual relations occurred, chances of conception, otherwise, about two weeks after the death of egg cells begin a new cycle.

All these processes are regulated in woman’s serial output of the various sex hormones running system of neurohormonal regulation. This is a very complex process, which depends on all hormonal glands in brain structures, as well as in hormone-dependent organs, even those which are not directly involved in fertility performance.

Now, to recall physiology of reproduction (fertility) male and female features, let’s see what modern medicine offers us to prevent unwanted conception, and at the same time, do not deny yourself the pleasure to enter into intimacy spontaneously, whenever you want.

Meanwhile, it is possible to consciously and responsibly control intervals between the conception of another child, knowing through personal introspection exactly the days in which conception cannot be carried out for physiological reasons.

We must learn to recognize these days. But truthful information in this area is poorly accessible. It overlaps by information noise of ineffectiveness and “such days” recognition methods.

Methods of Birth Control

To be free, one must be able to choose. To provide selection it is necessary to have reliable information.

We offer you a simple classification of drugs and contraceptive methods. The fact is that if we are talking about the contraceptive effect, then, strictly speaking, it involves the creation of complete inability of sperm meeting the egg.

From this point of view, the most reliable way to prevent unwanted pregnancy is to abstain from sex.

But contraceptive industry, using the desire to receive pleasure without responsibility for the consequences, proposes the following means here:

Barrier (condoms, caps, diaphragms)

That is, the means that promise sperm misses in a woman’s body. Here begins deceit. The fact is that such means do not exist since for this purpose stretchable elastic materials are included which are not known to be impermeable, otherwise, they would not stretch.

Holes providing extensibility of these products (micropores) have a diameter greater than the diameter of sperm head by about half, and ten times greater than the size of viruses and pathogens.

Therefore, all these products in ovulation day do not provide promised contraceptive effect but only reduce a little chance to conceive a child, and absolutely are not a means of protection from sexually transmitted infections by.


These are pastes, creams, sponges, having acidic environment unsuitable for sperm living. But here, we will be disappointed. In those days, when the process of egg maturation in women occurs alkalization of physiological pathways of sperm penetration is carried out.

In order to neutralize this environment and make it sufficiently acidic, it required a very aggressive acidic environment that unbearable for delicate fabrics of the female genital tract.

Consequently, in most fetal days spermicides are unable to provide a contraceptive effect.

Doctors recommend their use only in conjunction with a barrier method, thus, unconsciously and involuntarily, emphasizing lack of promised factors preventing pregnancy and protection against STDs.

Well, the most aggressive and often irreversible method of contraception is male and female sterilization. From our point of view, this is an extremely harmful and unnecessary surgery, besides not giving 100% guarantee from conception, since everything depends on the surgeon. And the psychological damage from this operation is disproportionately large (to live with a constant awareness of his inability to ever become a parent).

There is another way to prevent unwanted conception, which in society is considered to be a natural and harmless, it is known as coitus interruptus.

“One awkward movement – and you’re the father …”. They perfectly characterize the effectiveness of interrupted intercourse as a method of contraception (no more than 30%). Ridiculous? People laughing … Like father, like and well done! Where is the dignity of fatherhood?

You must know that it is extremely ineffective on the day of ovulation. Why do in the “unfertilized” days ???

In addition, this method of conjugal “proximity” often leads to persistent neuro-somatic disorders especially in men, to the disintegration of personality, relationships, family. To some extent, it also is applied to women.

Interruption of life already began. Easier and more specific – murder.

Let’s look at means attributable to contraceptives, but do not provide this effect, and promoting cessation of life has already begun, in fact – infanticide. Since these means
are designed for women, the first thing they destroy is the physical and mental health of women, and indirectly, but inevitably – the health of the men.

Here, “health guards” will offer you two types of early-abortive means, called as “contraception”:

Intrauterine tab (or spiral system, IUD). According to doctors, IUD means prevent the sperm from meeting egg. But this is a lie because the tab is inserted into uterus and fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube. The microscopic size of the sperm allows it to penetrate freely into the fallopian tube, even “without noticing” this obstacle, like a spiral. Therefore, conception occurs naturally in about a week embryo reaches the uterus, but the spiral is located there making it impossible to attach and pregnancy development, fetal death occurs, and miscarriage, which she sees as next menstruation.

For this reason, intrauterine tab, in any case, cannot be attributed to contraception. This is 100% abortifacient.

Hormonal contraceptives are also increasingly early-abortive means. We will focus on them in more detail. Of course, people will argue with me as an active supporter of hormonal contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy. But let’s think logically. Before our eyes over the past 50 years is the development and improvement of these means. And we hear about the second generation tablet, the third-generation pills, the newest hormonal contraceptives and etc.

It is constantly stressed that each new generation contains smaller doses of hormones. For more than 50 years of hormones use is decreased in 100 times !!! What is this, if you do not experiment on human beings, on the millions of women who unwittingly participated in this experiment, for half a century? Is it not genocide?

How Do Artificial Hormones Act?

Artificial HormonesMost important that their creators and distributors promise that: the creation of impossible conditions for oocyte maturation is impossible. Then it really will provide a contraceptive effect. But for this, it is necessary to introduce such a dose of synthetic analogs of hormones produced by the ovaries in order to completely suppress the production of these hormones by ovaries. But natural ovarian hormones are involved in overall regulation of hormonal processes in the body, not only in creating conditions for procreation.

Therefore, the first generation of birth control pills that were used in the 60-s of the last century, did give a contraceptive effect, but provoked too many side effects in women, which led to its rapid disability, and sometimes death. It is prompted to make a gradual reduction in the amount of hormones in the pill – minimal doses, which rarely lead to inhibition of ovulation (ovulation occurs in 80% of cycles), therefore, does not prevent conception, but they often lead to pregnancy impossibility and child conception.

Just as with a spiral, a woman’s miscarriage occurs early in pregnancy, which occurs under the guise of next menstruation.

It is unlikely that we will ever know all the exact figures, giving a complete picture of the effect of hormonal contraceptives on female reproductive function. But the fact is that it destroys her health, I think it is no secret.

After 40 years, as a rule, women have a whole bunch of non-fatal diseases not related to fertility – problems with cardiovascular activity, instability of the nervous system, problems with vision or hearing, joint pain, abnormal functioning of excretory system and metabolism etc. As a rule, doctors of different specialties cannot associate these diseases with the use of contraceptive hormones, while a parallel here suggests itself.

It is not my purpose to give a detailed classification of hormonal contraceptives. They are released in the form of tablets, injections, implants, intrauterine devices containing hormones. There are cyclical with the need to be taken every day, with an interval of 7 days, and prolonged, there are means of the so-called emergency contraception, applied after the fact of proximity to openly abortive intention, etc. Hormonal preparations may contain one or ovarian hormone analog or two in various proportions and dosages. The essence remains the same.

The main conclusion to be drawn with unbiased analysis: synthetic female sex hormone, given by a contraceptive purpose, does not have a contraceptive effect, but mainly – abortive. In addition, they contribute to the destruction of woman’s health and lead to infertility.

And it is quite incompatible with the role and doctor’s function. After all, we are called to be on guard of health and human life. And it turns out that we do everything in order to destroy health and contribute to ending just the beginning of life.

Risks for Women’s Health

Let us think about another danger of early abortion, about which very little is said.

Immediately after fertilization (conception), a rapid cell division begins to prepare “material” from which will be formed soon organs and system of the child, as well as his life-support system of intrauterine (fetal bladder, placenta, umbilical cord, etc.). These cells are programmed to divide rapidly and follow a clear differentiation (ie, each new cell has its purpose). Later, connective, glandular, nerve cells will be formed. Today, the science cannot yet be aware of the purpose of each of the forming cells, but it is known that a fission process violation leads to various types of fetal abnormalities, or even to his death.

But the same division process (formation of new cells is still poorly differentiated) occurs in other organs of a pregnant woman: in the uterus, breast and other organs that will work harder during pregnancy. These cells do not immediately become highly differentiated, first, a number of them are accumulated.

The earlier the human life is interrupted, the higher the risk of developing cancers in women is. It does not depend on the cause of embryo death. Just poorly differentiated programmed on cell division in the mother’s body are left without their destination, so in the future malignant cells may potentially be formed. So simply and clearly it dispels the myth that early termination of pregnancy are less hazardous to the health of women. This myth is built by speculators about the danger to women’s health proposed a week of silence before an abortion.

Treatment With Hormones

There are no diseases or conditions that require treatment with synthetic female hormones.

And there is no justification for the modern health care system that has put an obstetrician-gynecologist with a choice: either to become killers and pest health of the woman and her baby or leave the profession.

The doctor, choosing a profession, and who gave many years mastering a profession, was on the market, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers are often expensive and unnecessary. Today medical studies are carried out for the money of pharmaceutical business. The medical equipment in clinics is often sold on the money of pharmaceutical industry, especially for money of contraceptive manufacturers and assisted reproductive technologies (artificial insemination).

I think any honest doctor for a long time watching the changes in the level of health of new generations, notice that today children are born more weakened than 30-40 years ago, and problems with system functioning and fertility of men and women have increased significantly. You can talk about stress, bad environment, genetically modified foods, poor quality water, and food, etc.

But do not withdraw the direct harm of mass refusal of procreation in any way, especially by using modern “high-performance, low-dose” oral contraceptives. Maybe we look too categorical but Canadian Pharmacy Mall believes that it is a crime the use of female sex hormones not only in contraceptive purposes but also for therapeutic purposes (regulation of menstrual function in girls, treatment of youthful acne and painful menstruation, “replacement therapy” in premenopausal period).

The damage from such “treatment” is so superior to favor temporary relief of symptoms, it ceases to have a right to exist.

Bosom mother is the first home of man. Who else but mother herself must know all the corners of the house, which will come to her children? And how many mothers know this? Absolute confidence in a doctor, or unwillingness to take personal responsibility for their health and health of their children? I think both. Yes, and many doctors believe that in order to understand the normal organism’s physiology, it is necessary to have at least a degree in medical sciences.

Fire in the home can serve to illustrate the effects of synthetic analogs of female sex hormones for any purpose: contraceptive effect or therapeutic effect – it does not matter.

To know the house is not on fire, there are two ways:

  1. Know the basics of fire safety. To understand the signs of fire alarm, warning of dangers;
  2. A simple way (and very effective and cheap!): To burn the house … Then the fire at this point is no longer there.

And now let’s look at it closer. Yes, of course, the use of even long, synthetic analogs of female sex hormones are rarely looking like a fire that needs quenching.

But imagine a fire in the forest, which is lit by tourists in the parking lot. They burn him for several hours and go further. But at this point, grass will start to grow only in a few years, and if a fire burned for several days, the grass will not grow on the site of the decade! The same with the female body. Modern hormonal preparations contain small amounts of hormones (it seems not a forest fire, and fire harmless). But “burning” these fires is a very purposefully reproductive function of women, sometimes touching on the way other functions and organs (cardiovascular, digestive, metabolic, etc.).

So what is more profitable? Burn this house? Or we will be grooming him and cherish? The more that modern science and long-term observations provide an opportunity to preserve this house for much less money than burn it. “If you are not at home, it was not afraid fires …”

Of course, if you burn down the house, the fire in him is no longer there. If you destroy the reproductive function, the complexities associated with its operation will also be much less.

Childbearing of human life-support system is not for this man. Therefore, even complete removal of all reproductive organs as a man and a woman will allow a person to live on. The childbearing system is designed for future generations. For them, it is life-sustaining and vital.

Destruction of genital system, what is it if not genocide?

In Vitro Fertilisation

IVFModern medicine has saddled more terrible technology: an artificial creation of children. At first, it was called “in vitro fertilization” (ie fertilization outside the woman’s body – in vitro), then this process became known simply as IVF, then, IVF-innovative technologies in obstetrics and gynecology.

For layman – it is something very eco-friendly and natural. Today it is referred to the term “modern reproductive technologies”, “assisted reproductive technology”, tomorrow it will be called in some other way. But the essence remains the same.

The main thing – it’s a global experiment on human beings, with unpredictable consequences.

I am afraid that even the doctors working in the so-called “family planning centers” do not realize fully the harm that they bring. After all, they believe that they carried noble mission: to provide an opportunity to have a child for deliberately barren parents.

The number of infertile couples is increasing.

But let’s look at an aerial view of the very IVF. First massive introduction of female hormonal system uses in order to obtain at the same time more number of eggs than in an ordinary cycle.

Then, one way or another (usually – surgically for greater reliability) sperm is injected into an egg (in nature herself the sperm of a large number of applicants is “chosen” ), then one, and often several embryos are introduced into the uterus in the hope that pregnancy will come, and will be developed.

At the same time, doctors working in family planning centers often do not represent the entire chain of harmful effects on the body of woman and child.

One team is conducting a survey of the health of future parents, the other holds hormonal stimulation of multiple ovulation – tracking by ultrasound oocyte growth process in the ovary. There was observed the unsafe impact on the entire stock of female reproductive cells and ovary as a whole. It is scientifically proven destructive effect of ultrasound on DNA structure, ie genetic material. Someone shall collect the eggs from the ovary, and then sperm is introduced into the egg, etc.

At the same time, no one is responsible for anything because with the potential parents is taken concent, they are informed that there is no 100% guarantee of the result. They understand everything is possible to be changed but do not rely on this method absolutely because there are so many “failures” in this case.

We advise you not break doctor’s recommendations concerning how to prevent or stimulate ovulation. Everything should happen in a natural way. Our online pharmacy wishes you good luck in childbearing.

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