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Canadian Health&Care Mall is a pharmaceutical facility devoted its activity to meet customers’ needs. We are widely recognized due to:

Canadian Health&Care Mall can help you with medications as well as advice on when and how to use each product. Online ordering system allows to make orders easy and quickly without paying to intermediate sellers since we are working directly with manufacturers.

Canadian Health and Care Mall was founded over a decade ago with the main aim to provide people with affordable medications. Besides well established arrangement of shipping various products internationally to improve humans’ life quality, you can also easily get quality medical advice and assistance.

We are specializing on all kinds of high quality drugs and related products. Our site is full of various informative articles relating to different medical subjects. It allows you to save your time on searching for necessary information.

Canadian HealthCare Mall Online Service Superiority

High Quality Medications

canadian health and care mallCanadian Pharmacy Mall is known worldwide due high quality medications. High quality is achieved in the course of clinical trials conducted according to all quality certificates. All our medications are approved by FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration). All medications quality is approved by our customers as well who coming back again and again to place an order via Canadian Health Care Mall.

Flexible Pricing Policy

What people like the most while shopping – of course – the price that’s why Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Mall works out flexible pricing policy to meet customers’ needs. Our prices are declined thanks to the fact that our online pharmacy sells generic drugs which price is considerably lower in comparison with brand medications. We are constantly trying to find the possibility to decrease prices because we are strive to make our online pharmacy affordable for all people worldwide.

Availability and Affordability

As it was mentioned above Canadian Health and Care Mall is an affordable online pharmacies where you will find medications for any taste and budget. Our remedies are affordable and available according to following terms:

  • we do not require any prescription lists for making an order;
  • we provide our customers with round the clock service;
  • we offer our customers online consultations to answer all your questions;
  • we provide our customers with discount and special offers.

Canadian Health&Care Mall does its best to realize all the plans of our customers.

Discount and Bonus System

discountOur online pharmacy takes all efforts to provide people with various possible to make shopping comfortable. Worked out discount and bonuses systems help us realize our plans and attract more and more people worldwide. Nowadays 10-% discount is available due to Canadian Health and Care Mall Discount Coupon. All drugs are valid for this discount.

Moreover we have bonus system which allows us to provide customers with additional pills freely. To make order and take such pills is a pleasant “gift”. Everything you need is just to place an order.

Outstanding Service in General

Canadian Pharmacy Mall is recognized as trustworthy, authoritative, reliable online pharmacy gaining its reputation worldwide due to mentioned above facts. Our service is acknowledged as perfect because Canadian Pharmaceutists do their best and come in contact with each customer. They try to meet their needs without distinguishing them on regular and new customers. You desire to be healthier will become true with Canadian Health and Care Mall online. If any questions arise send us an e-mail, we will answer it as fast as possible.

Canadian HealthCare Mall Main Specialization

Canadian Health and Care Mall specializes on erectile dysfunction treatment that’s why our online pharmacy decides to reveal this issue as with more details as possible.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

In 1992, the US National Institutes of Health decided to change the term “impotence”, which was considered offensive to many men with more harmonious and less flashy term “erectile dysfunction”. But, despite the fact that name has been changed, the problem persists and has not lost its relevance. It is known that erectile disorders occur in more than half of men aged 40 to 70 years. For example, number of US patients reaches 10 million.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is considered to be inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection sufficient for carrying out sexual intercourse. Such a state should be observed for three months or more to establish the diagnosis “erectile dysfunction”.

Term “erection” means penile increase in volume and sharp elasticity increase due to penile tissue filling with blood during sexual excitement.erectile dysfunction ruins relations

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Reasons leading to erectile dysfunction development are the following:

  • smoking;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • application of certain drugs having negative influence on reproductive system;
  • penile circulatory disorders (atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, abdominal and pelvic injuries, accompanied by blood vessels feeding damage);
  • injury resulting in damage of spinal cord or brain (the so-called neurogenic erectile dysfunction).

Not so long ago it was believed that in most cases, erectile dysfunction has psychogenic origin. That is the main causes of erectile function violations were considered fear, embarrassment in front of partner, anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, religious beliefs and other anxiety disorders and psychotic personality changes.

A special place is taken by hormonal (endocrine) erectile dysfunction caused by lack of male sex hormones, as well as hormonal changes associated with diabetes, thyroid disorders or obesity.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Manifested?

Clinical manifestations of ED laid in the very definition of erectile dysfunction. Severity of symptoms can vary from minor to serious manifestations of sexual dysfunction.

Spontaneous erection decreases or disappears at all, reducing an ability to make repeated sexual intercourse during day, reducing the number of full-fledged sexual intercourses, ending with ejaculation and orgasm, reducing their duration. There appears a need for additional erotic stimulation, penile elasticity is decreased, erection intensity becomes insufficient. Such sexual dysfunction leads to:

  • steady decline of mood;
  • long-term depression;
  • nervousness;
  • irritability;
  • avoidance of sexual intercourse because of uncertainty in your own abilities.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction treatment is aimed at restoring adequate blood supply and improving penile tissues oxygenation, restoring normal hormonal background, penile innervation improvement and removal of patient’s psycho-emotional disorders, as well as performance of surgical procedures after failure of conservative therapy (penile implantation).

Penile implant is the operation during which rigid and semi-rigid prostheses are inserted into penis.

At present, widely used as special preparations medicines: sildenafil citrate – Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, tadalafil – Generic Cialis, vardenafil – Canadian Levitra.

Until now, method of administration of intracavernous vasodilator drug (alprostadil, papaverine) is preserved, proposed in 1978, as well as the use of vacuum devices.

Medications for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

As Canadian Health&Care Mall mentions above one of the most popular methods to treat erectile dysfunction is medicamentous approach including such drugs as – Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Generic Cialis and Canadian Generic Levitra.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

viagraViagra is a drug which is associated with diverse speculations. And how many anecdotes are composed about this medication! Nevertheless, it is really effective, and today Viagra Canadian Pharmacy is one of the most common means to combat erectile dysfunction. Initially, drug was created to treat coronary heart disease and its main objective was to improve the blood flow to myocardium. But the survey found that the impact of its active substance on heart blood flow was just slightly, while a pronounced effect on blood circulation was manifested in the pelvic organs (including penis). These results were obtained in the early 1990s, literally opening a new page in the history of medicine. On the value Canadian Generic Viagra, no matter what the skeptics say, is comparable with penicillin.

What is the Base of Canadian Viagra?

This drug active ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate. It causes an increase in blood that enters the organs, including penis. It leads to a natural erection appearance. Do not be afraid that it will happen at the most inopportune moment. The drug is effective only when the patient is experiencing sexual excitement. When the sexual intercourse is completed, excitement decreases, penis will return to its natural state. Thus, the drug only affects the natural mechanisms, and it is effective only if erectile dysfunction has been caused by blood circulation disorders.

How to Take Medication Correctly?

The instructions for generic Viagra contains dosage application description. The maximum single dose is 100 mg per day. However, it can be adjusted depending on drug components individual tolerability. Do not think that the higher the dose is, the higher the efficiency of the drug will be. In some cases 25 mg Canada Viagra pill may be sufficient. While the average single dose is assigned 50 mg, and further it depends on its effectiveness. If this dose is insufficient, it can be increases to 100 mg. The decision to raise the dosage can be made by urologist only, who constantly supervises for patient’s condition.

It should be remembered that Canadian Viagra can not be taken concurrently with a beta-blocker used in treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, and hypertension, as well as with hypoglycemic drugs – it can be dangerous for patient’s life. On such medication intake is necessary to inform the doctor before he would appoint generic Viagra. As well you should inform your doctor about chronic diseases presence.

Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis Pills is a medication having resemblance to original in terms of pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic properties.Cialis

The active ingredient of Cialis online is tadalafil. This substance, improving erection, gives a man the ability to carry out sexual intercourse successfully.

The drug performs up to 36 hours and it is considered the best indicator among all pills for erectile dysfunction.

If you took Cialis pill early in the morning, even the next day you can please your partner with erection quality. The effect of taking the pill is already apparent after 16 minutes, but like any other tablet of this kind, the drug performs in case of sexual stimulation presence, and therefore it should be taken at least 16 minutes before planned sexual intercourse.

Cialis of generic origin is available in “Soft” form (Cialis Soft Tabs). The difference of Canadian Cialis Soft Tabs from other pills of this type – in the speed of effect onset (Soft Tablets are activated faster than usual). In addition, these pills should be dissolved under the tongue and can be combined with alcohol and fatty food.

Minimum use single dose is 10 mg of Cialis (1/2 tablet). The maximum daily dose – 20 mg (1 tablet). Do not take Canadian Cialis more than 1 time a day, because the duration of drug action – up to 36 hours. Pills, as Canadian Health Care Mall have said, are taken 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Canadian Pharmacy Generic Cialis is an analog of Viagra directed to increase erectile function. It is produced on the basis of oysters and seaweed extracts.

How does Generic Cialis Perform? The active ingredient of Cialis – Tadalafil, relaxes penile smooth muscles.

As a result, muscles relax and blood enters penis, which contributes to elastic erection. After sexual intercourse completion, erection disappears in a natural way.

The drug has high tolerability as in the first admission, and future re-admission.

If sexual excitement caused by the action of Cialis drug under the influence of synthesizing substances, there is male genitalia increased blood filling. It helps reduce vascular tone, which is why there is a stable and strong erection.

However, the beneficial effect of these tablets does not complete in such a way, Canadian Cialis has the following additional benefits:

these pills help your partner achieve orgasm through persistent and prolonged erection;

Persistent and prolonged erection has positive effect on man, increasing his self- confidence.

Canadian Generic Levitra

LevitraLevitra belongs to modern synthetic means from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, which are appointed for impotence treatment.

The drug is the prototype of the famous Canadian Viagra, but has a more powerful and prolonged effect. Generic Levitra, like the original, is very effective at erectile dysfunction treatment, so it is widely used in clinical practice.

The main active ingredient of generic Levitra is vardenafil. Drug tablets are yellow circular shape with a rough surface. Each of them contains the optimum concentration of active ingredient, exactly 20mg. The tablets are packed into special blisters of 10 pieces.

There is also a Generic Levitra in dosage of 40 mg, containing a double dose of vardenafil. Both types of medication can be purchased via Canadian Pharmacy Mall online.

The manufacturer of the original means is the United States, effective analogue of Levitra (generic) is issued by Indian pharmaceutical company.

Canadian Generic Levitra Effect

The action of this drug may comprise:

  • Achieving and maintaining erection to carry out sexual intercourse;
  • Getting a strong erection during sexual activity;
  • Testing of greater number of orgasms.

In clinical studies conducted, about 80% of men reported that generic Levitra is effective at erection improvement. The drug has also shown high efficiency in men with a variety of health problems.

Mode of Application

Pills are taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse. The drug should be swallowed as a whole and washed down with a normal amount of water. Levitra has an unpleasant bitter taste, so it should not be chewed. It can cause nausea, as well as a negative impact on means’ efficiency. The first reception is limited to half of a tablet and evaluate the result. If there is persistent and prolonged erection, the dose of 10 mg vardenafil will be enough for the next steps. If the effect is weak, the single rate can be increased to 20 mg. The maximum daily dose is one Levitra pill. Experts advise not to abuse the drug and not to take this medication daily.

How Quickly it will Perform, and how much will it Last?

The time required for the tablet to start performing may be different because all men are individual. During the research, Levitra pills began to proceed for one hour. Most men report the launch of Levitra within 30 minutes. The duration of action may also be varied, but typically is 4-5 hours.

When and How can I Take Canadian Generic Levitra?

Levitra should be taken when necessary for 1 hour prior to planned sexual intercourse. But not more than 1 tablet per day. Levitra online is resistant to food, so take it as you can while eating, however, a large amount of fatty foods can reduce the amount of drug absorption in blood, thus reducing effectiveness and action duration.

Canadian Health and Care Mall strictly recommends you to consult your doctor before starting these medications application because improper intake may lead to severe side effects appearance.

You are welcome to get acquainted with what is represented on our site and ask all disturbing you questions via [email protected]!

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