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Family HealthWhile the health and well-being of every person is important, as a parent priorities shift to the care and safety of the family unit, in particular children. Putting your trust in a doctor, nurse or pharmacist and relying on them to keep your children safe can be difficult, so finding the right people for the job to give you the right advice is a must.

Often parents are most comfortable establishing a long relationship with a local doctor, particularly for the sake of their children. We all remember how terrifying it can be to be led into the doctor’s office at a young age, so gaining a child’s trust and building a relationship with them is important. As if this process isn’t difficult enough, when you leave the doctor’s office you’re often directed to a pharmacy to collect medication for any number of health problems. Finding a pharmacy offering good service, a friendly welcome and a quick dispense of medication can be difficult, not to mention making it all affordable.

Canadian Health&Care Mall was founded over a decade ago, purpose built to offer access to highly efficient and affordable medication. Not only well established for dispensing various products to improve the quality of life for people all around the world, you can also easily get access to quality medical advice and help, as well as vital warnings that may come with the medication you require.

Another large aspect of family health is home safety and ensuring that your children are not only unable to injure themselves (of course, not all bumps can be avoided!) but also that you’re prepared with medicines and necessary supplies should the worst happen. Being familiar with first aid and having first aid kits throughout the house is important as time is of the essence when you’re looking after an injured family member. Important items to have in your family first aid kit include:

  • Thermometer
  • Liquid pain reliever suitable for your children’s age
  • Antiseptic cream and wipes
  • Ice gel packs (should be kept frozen and ready for use)
  • Plasters and bandages
  • Burnaid gel
  • Sterile gloves

Of course, there are hundreds of things you can include in your family first aid kit, but this list is a good place to start. Canadian Health&Care Mall can help you with supplies for your kit as well as advice on when and how to use each product. Their online ordering system makes the process so easy if you just need one or two items to finish out your kit, or if you need one of everything for peace of mind. Working directly with manufacturers means you’re not paying for the middle man warehouse owner and delivery, so your products and medication is affordable and efficiently delivered to you.

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